Sep 13, 2010

Allow Me To Introduce Myself (Part 1)

Preface: Me + Newborn = Delirious from lack of sleep.  All typos, muddling and  discombobulation found in this post are solely the responsibility of said Newborn.

The Mafiosos think the new kid on the block is alright.  It looks like the baby is a made man and his name has been permanently written in the books. 

It is quite interesting for me to see how each dog is reacting to the newest member of our family.  I sort of had some idea of how each dog would react based on the dog's personality.  But nothing prepared me for Vinnie's reaction to the baby.

Vinnie is in love.  And I mean, luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve. He can't get enough of the baby.  His tail will not stop wagging whenever the baby is in the room.  He needs to be near the baby 24/7.   He needs to smell the baby, kiss the baby, cuddle with the baby, sneeze on the baby...well, you get the idea.

"I think you're pretty cool too, Vinnie."

 I suppose that perhaps there is an unspeakable bond between a boy and his dog.  But it does start to cross the line when they start to resemble each other!

"No," instructs Vinnie.
"Ya gotta stick out your tongue a little more. . .
like this!"


I am really surprised by Vinnie's enthusiasm.  I knew he'd be the dog least affected by the new addition because Vinnie is pretty darn flexible.  There isn't much that bothers him or anything that he can't adjust to.  But I really didn't think he'd start a new love affair with the baby.

However, on the other end of the spectrum. . .

"Oh God!" proclaims Bruno.
"It's gonna bite me, isn't it?!"

Sep 5, 2010

Persian Ponderings

"What is this?" asks Maggie.
"It has a flat face. . ."

"And bug eyes. . .
Wait a minute!
You brought home another ugly Pug, didn't you?!"

"Hey!" exclaims Gino.
"I resent your comments!
I happen to think I look better in a onesie."

Sep 1, 2010

Suddenly Surprised

This Sunday, someone decided to come on down!  I thought I had one more month left, but apparently, the baby wanted to get a head start on running his canine crime mob syndicate.  Can't blame him I guess.  :-)

I wish I had an update for everyone on how the new addition was received by The Mafiosos, but the truth is that it hasn't occurred yet.  I am still at the hospital waiting for the baby to be discharged; he's slightly jaundice and he's currently getting his tan on under UV lights.   Since we are basically living at the hospital right now, The Mafiosos are currently staying at their Uncle and Aunt's house treating this stay as a vacation away from us.  They don't even pretend to miss us!  Ryan stopped by yesterday to spend some time with them and he was largely ignored.  Apparently, it's way more fun to play with your Rhodesian Ridgeback and Jack Russell Terrier cousins and all of their toys than to spend some time with your stinky dad.  Traitors!  ;-)

I hope to be home with the new addition by the end of the week.  And can't wait to photo document this new adventure and share it with all of you.  I am now taking bets on how long it will take Bruno to get over his fear of this new squealing "thing" I brought home.  The winner gets one dirty diaper! :-p

"As if she doesn't torture me enough already. . ."

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