Jul 31, 2008

Pug Police In Full Force

Poor Bruno.

All he wanted to do today was play with this tire.

But from the moment he picked it up, The Fun Police ensued a hot pursuit!

They insisted that Bruno pull over and immediately drop the tire.

Gino threatened to deliver bodily harm if Bruno did not comply.

Luckily, Bruno laughed it all off.

"Silly Pugs!"

Jul 30, 2008

Dem Bones...

Once a week, The Mafiosos receive what are called "recreational bones." These are bones that are too large and dense to consume. They are instead raw bones that provide chewing pleasure. These bones help keep their teeth and gums clean and provide a much needed workout to the jaw and neck muscles.

Besides the benefit of a teeth cleaning and muscle workout, chewing on these bones help keep The Mafiosos stress free. I've read a few articles that indicate chewing causes a chemical release of endorphins in dogs which in turn have a calming effect on a dog. This explains why after gnawing on these bones, The Mafiosos immediately take long naps.

These bones only stay around for one day. Anything left after that I toss out. If left out, these bones do get hard and brittle.

If you're thinking of perhaps trying this out with your dog, make sure to do so in moderation. For some dogs, the marrow of a bone can be too rich and cause a trip to Squirtsville, U.S.A. I'd suggest letting your dog have the bone for a half an hour to start with and then gradually increasing the amount of time you let your dog chew on the bone. Please take note that these are RAW bones. Please don't ever give your dog cooked bones! Cooked bones can splinter and cause fractured teeth. Additionally, there is the possibility of perforationing of the intestines or blockage if a cooked bone is consumed whole.

Okay, enough talk about raw recreational bones. Let's get to the meat of things!

Working out those back molars...

"Nom, nom, nom!"



Getting to the good stuff...
The Marrow!

I also found out while composing this blog that Pugs' faces completely disappear while working on a recreational bone.

But a smooshed face just means you have to get creative to chew on your bone!

Gino learned to tackle it in parts.

"First you do the front."

"Then you do the sides..."

Yummy! Makes you want to go out and get one, doesn't it? ;-)

Jul 27, 2008

There's A New Capo In The House...

Apparently, Vinnie has appointed himself head Capo.

He's already perfected The Dogfather pose.

Jul 26, 2008

More Fine Art

Xombie's Mom was nice enough to make a portrait of The Mafiosos.

She is very talented!

I'm not sure how I feel about Bruno smoking (wait...is it at least a Cuban cigar?!), but he is after all a teenager now and lord knows I picked up that nasty habit when I was young. As long as he smokes outside!

Gino has an affinity for Tommy Guns, so I better go check that he has all the necessary permits for owning a gun.

My good boy Vinnie is all nothing but smiles. That's my boy!

Thanks, Jaci! You are an awesome artist! Jaci has a website: http://www.jacisaurusrex.com Go check it out!

Jul 23, 2008

Add this to the list...

One more item added to list of Things Bruno is Scared Of.

Box Fans.

Apparently, they are evil. He obviously knows something about it that we don't know. And he is wise to avoid the death object otherwise known as a box fan. Avoid interaction with them at all cost!

Jul 21, 2008

Park Musings

Today is an average day. Nothing special planned except a routine trip to the park. Nothing special about the activities of The Mafiosos.

Bruno did his usual of gathering large sticks.

Oh, wait, he did do one civic duty today. He decied to take down a large tree limb that he deemed a dangerous hazard to park dwellers. He didn't want this large limb falling down on anyone while walking through the park, so he took it upon himself to clear the area of this limb.

The Pugs did their usual: sat around and waited for me to recall them so that they can get a treat. Um, Pugs, it really doesn't work if you don't go more than one foot away from me. You have to be far away in order for me to call you. The game doesn't work that way!


"A Pug can still try!"

All in all, today was just your average day in the life and times of The Mafiosos. Until next time!

Jul 20, 2008

Life Imitates Art

The Canine Mafia was bestowed with an exceptionally generous gift today. A good friend of the Canine Mafia, Alex, gave us a painting of the three knuckleheads. We proudly hang it above our fireplace to proclaim to all that we are indeed crazy dog people!

Alex has a tremendous gift for painting. We cannot get over the exquisite details this painting contains.

Vinnie's wrinkles and infamous tongue are replicated down to a science. Even the little grey in his chin is contained with exceptional detail.

Alex also did a tremendous job in capturing Gino's eyes. Gino thinks he has perfected hypnotizing you with his eyes and Alex captured this look perfectly.

Alex did the most amazing job at capturing Bruno's Freakishly Large Head (or FLH as Parker likes to call it). When we shared this painting with Parker, he proclaimed that Bruno's head is really bigger. Wait until your Momma gets a painting done of you Poo-Man! There won't be a canvas big enough to contain your pointy nose! :-p

The Canine Mafia sends Alex their utmost gratitude for such a beautiful gift!
Alex, your name has been written in The Books.

Alex is available for commissioned paintings if anyone is interested in having a portrait painted. He can be reached at alxjz@comcast.net.

Jul 19, 2008

We Flirted and Gabbed...

Today we paid a visit to our friends Gabby and Flirt. They are not only our friends in real life, but also our good Blog friends. Check out their blog at http://gabbyslitter2.blogspot.com/!

Flirt is a riot. She is nonstop action and so unaware of her clumsiness. I want to steal her. She lives less than 5 minutes away from me, so perhaps my plans of capturing her and integrating her into The Canine Mafia might occur sooner than I thought. Just kidding...I think!

Gabby has the best smile in the entire world. She just oozes happiness.

Our friend Marianna brought her baby Morgan. Remember Morgan? Well, she's not so tiny anymore! She's growing like a weed! Morgan was the hit of the party. All the dogs wanted to kiss her. I'm sure it has nothing to due with the fact that she probably smelled of food.

First Gabby gave her some loving...

Then Gino...

And finally Flirt...

However, Flirt was the smartest of the bunch. She figured out to how con Morgan into also giving her some loving back. See, Flirtie's very smart! That's why I want to steal her!

After she was done getting some loving from Morgan, Flirt decided to so some impersonations.

"Look at me! Who am I?? Who do I look like?

Flirt then decided it was time for action. She decided to play Catch-The-Pug.

Go Flirt, go!

Overall, today was a fun day! Thank you Colleen for having us over!

Jul 16, 2008

Hot Dog Luau!

First off, let me start off by saying that the props used in this post are all Parker's Mom fault. I would have never bought these props had she not goaded and egged me to do so. It's also her fault that I spent money on this stuff with the intention to torture my dogs. There...I feel better blaming someone else. :-p

"Come on over, ya'll!
We're having a luau!"

"Come on down!
The drinks are flowing and the music is thumping!"

"You have to come dressed appropriately.
No exceptions!"

Bruno said he would try to look Mafioso even if he was wearing a conch-shell bra. I told him this look wouldn't fly while wearing said bra.

"Whatever. I still look like The Godfather.
And it's a BRO, not a bra. Get it straight."

Gino was all miffed at me because he wanted a bra, er, I mean bro, too.
But unfortunately, they don't make Pug-sized bros. But I'll keep looking!

"I wanted a bro, too! Where's my bro??"

"Seriously, someone call Animal Control.
She put me in this get up!"

"I'm serious.
I hope you're dialing right now."

"Quit yer bitching, Bruno!
We have to wear these leis, too!"

"Yeah, shaddup, you big baby!
You're not the only one suffering!"

Don't be fooled by Bruno! The Mafiosos received payment in massive amounts of cookies, so the price was well worth it for then to wear a this get up for five minutes!

"Oh yeah, we forgot about the cookies.
Never mind! Snap your pictures away!"

P.S. Make sure to check out The Mafiosos' most recent adventure with their cousins Bison and Lindsay! Visit Bison's blog to check out the adventure!

Jul 14, 2008

Mafioso Morning

Sundays I get to sleep in and not wake up so early. However, my version of sleeping in means not waking up until noon. This of course causes me much trouble as I manage to get nothing done and The Mafiosos get really pissed at me for cutting into their fun time.

I came up with a compromise...if I let them sleep in with me, they don't complain too much about what time I awake. They normally sleep in crates and I figured to be on the bed is a privilege no dog can complain about.

The bad part about this is that I usually wake up to a view of canine butts.

Not exactly the view I long for in the mornings...

"Oh hi! You're awake!
Could you please get our breakfast started?"

And I end up paying the price in the form of bruises, as the Pugs like to start the day with a wrestling match.

"Fine! If you're not going to fix breakfast,
then I'll just chow down on a fawn Pug leg."

Poor Bruno tries to curl up into the smallest shape possible in order to avoid any random Pug acts of violence. Quite a feat for his huge butt!

At least Bruno feels my pain. The Pugs usually manage to have their wrestling matches on top of Bruno. Anyone want to nominate Bruno for saint hood?

But alas, I gladly pay this price. After all, who could say no to The Mafiosos?

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