Dec 23, 2012

T'was the night before christmas

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; 

 Unless you're a two-year-old 
who's inhaled massive amounts of candy canes. 

Dec 9, 2012

Dec 2, 2012

It's Getting Better All The Time

It's never a good thing when one of your hired babysitters falls asleep on the job...


p.s. the kid is sleeping.  Like, ten hours straight.  In his own room, too. TEN HOURS STRAIGHT.  And I swear I'm not drugging him. 

Oct 21, 2012

The Bodygaurd

Only this ain't no love story...

Sing it with me now,

And Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, will alwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays loathe you!

Oct 14, 2012

Eight is Great

Vinnie turned eight this week.  So if my calculations are correct, that means eight years ago I brought this little fur ball into my life (I did remember to carry the one!). 

He stepped in to help me teach training classes when Bruno fractured his hip. He showed me that he plays dumb most of the time to make me laugh.  Because boy was he smart as a whip when he filled in for Bruno. 

He has made me laugh when no else can.  I remember one night, after Mafioso Jr was born, I went into the nursery to have a good cry.  Mafioso Jr had to stay in the hospital for a week after he was born, and I have never felt such anguish as having to leave my son behind.  I was putting on such a brave front for everyone (but mostly for myself) and one night, I broke.  Vinnie heard my soft cries and whined.  I went to let him out of his crate and he followed me back to the empty nursery.  There he laid at my feet, refusing to move until I had let all my sobs out.  When I was done, he looked at me, cocked his head to the side, let out his little tongue and give me a look that said "Are you too cried out to give me a cookie?"  I laughed.  And boy did I need that laugh.

My little Pug Bug is such a huge part of my heart.   He may share it with many others, but he will always be a part of it.

Ok, enough mushy stuff.

Bruno wants to know if any of our readers are personal injury lawyers. He feels he has a case.  You see, he was out in the park, minding his own business, when out of nowhere a kid clocked him square in the jaw.

Now, to the untrained eye, this might look like a little boy running with perhaps some food contained in his clenched hands You might even make the mistake of assuming the little boy was running away from this huge dog in an attempt to save his snack.  But this is why Bruno is looking for a professional! He wants the fact set straight!

He would never lie. Honestly.  :)

Sep 23, 2012

Where do I start?

Here's what I didn't anticipate - that I'd be forced to chose between sleep or blogging. 

When I had my son, I had this vision that I would be able to do it all: Scientist for 40 hours a week, Mom for 24/7 (to both human and fur kids), and at some point in there squeeze in some wife duties.  But I'm just not able to make it happen. The last time I picked up my camera was...I can't even remember.  As soon as the kid falls asleep, I hit the hay.  He's a horrible sleeper (and he's TWO! Not even a baby anymore!) and is up every couple of hours still. On a good night, I get three straight hours of sleep.  Consider this your PSA if your childless: CONSIDER STAYING THAT WAY IF YOU LIKE YOUR SLEEP.  :)

But then I saw my camera sitting above my shelf getting dusty. It made me cry.  I went out to snap some shots. Life goes on.

And this is what my result looked like:

Crappy, out of focus, over-exposed garbage. I cried.

Then, I tried again.

Dear God, what happened to me? I threw in the towel. I cried.  (Sensing a theme here? Being sleep-deprived makes you cry easily)

But then I read your comments. And they...yup, you guessed it, made me cry.  That there are people out there who I have invited for so many years to share my life with me and my dogs...and they are still there waiting.  No matter how shitty the outcome.

So I can't promise I'll be on here regularly. But I'll be on here more frequently than the never I have been. 
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