Sep 23, 2012

Where do I start?

Here's what I didn't anticipate - that I'd be forced to chose between sleep or blogging. 

When I had my son, I had this vision that I would be able to do it all: Scientist for 40 hours a week, Mom for 24/7 (to both human and fur kids), and at some point in there squeeze in some wife duties.  But I'm just not able to make it happen. The last time I picked up my camera was...I can't even remember.  As soon as the kid falls asleep, I hit the hay.  He's a horrible sleeper (and he's TWO! Not even a baby anymore!) and is up every couple of hours still. On a good night, I get three straight hours of sleep.  Consider this your PSA if your childless: CONSIDER STAYING THAT WAY IF YOU LIKE YOUR SLEEP.  :)

But then I saw my camera sitting above my shelf getting dusty. It made me cry.  I went out to snap some shots. Life goes on.

And this is what my result looked like:

Crappy, out of focus, over-exposed garbage. I cried.

Then, I tried again.

Dear God, what happened to me? I threw in the towel. I cried.  (Sensing a theme here? Being sleep-deprived makes you cry easily)

But then I read your comments. And they...yup, you guessed it, made me cry.  That there are people out there who I have invited for so many years to share my life with me and my dogs...and they are still there waiting.  No matter how shitty the outcome.

So I can't promise I'll be on here regularly. But I'll be on here more frequently than the never I have been. 
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