Aug 30, 2008

Premade success!

Typing this is proving to be very difficult. I expect to wake up from a dream or a fantasy. I am in a trance because...


This is baby step in the battle I've been having with the cats in an effort to switch them to raw food. My ten-year-old ladies have been fighting me tooth and nail in giving up kibble. Blue is less picky. She will happily eat anything raw.

But today, I outsmarted them! Today, when the gobbled up their wet food sprinkled with ground up kibble, they had no clue that mixed in was a premade raw patty. HA! HA!

Before, they have snubbed any wet food mixed in with a premade raw patty. They would take one sniff and claim I was feeding them poison. They would turn up their little smooshed-in noses in utter disgust.

But thanks to a tip from a friend (I LOVE YOU COLLEEN!), the ground up kibble sprinkled on top did the trick! This time I will be more patient and take it at their pace. However long it takes, I will accommodate them until we achieve 100% raw. I'd like to eventually not use the premade patties and feed them fresh, raw meat with bones, but for now, I will take I can get!

When I tried to tell The Mafiosos the good news, they were less than excited. You see, whenever I have tried to convert the cats to raw, the dogs get to eat whatever the cats won't touch. Which has always been EVERYTHING. The Mafiosos were not happy that I did not use their services as cat food garbage disposals. :-)

"Boo! I wanted to eat CAT FOOD!"

Aug 29, 2008

We Apologize...

For the endless source of boredom this blog has become. I have a three day weekend (that started at promptly 5:01 PM for me!) and on my list of things to do is compose new blog entries!

Trust me, The Mafiosos are not happy with me either.

Besides work being extremely busy, it's also been in the high 100's F where we live. This means that The Canine Mafia, with their short snouts, don't last as long anywhere we attempt to go. But, alas! It's supposed to cool down this weekend and another Canine Mafioso outing is in the works!

"Meh. Wake me up when the temperatures are in the low 80's."

But I can do one more thing! I leave with you a WTF moment.

Seriously, WTF?!

Aug 24, 2008

Bonkers is Bruno...

Today is Sunday. I am trying to tackle multiple household chores and every time I start one, I feel guilty for lack of blog material. I'd much rather be composing blog entries than doing our household budget or massive amounts of laundry.

So here is one to start the week off! At least the week can start off with a laugh. :-)


"Betcha can't swim with your
ears all wonky like I can!"

"Throw the ball!

"The ball is mine! ALL MINE!"

I tried to tell Bruno that this shot wasn't very flattering for his butt. It's bad enough he has a Freakishly Large Head (FLH) give his butt that same description would not help his image. Regardless, he still insisted I take this shot.

Please, please everyone pray that all cows in Fresno Country miraculously come out negative for Bovine Tuberculosis. This way, I can focus instead on taking lots of Canine Mafia pictures instead of coming home from work too butt tired to do anything. :-)

Aug 19, 2008

Out of Commission...

I apologize in advance for the lack of blog material this week and possibly the following week. Let's just say that work is crazy right now and I detest, with an extreme passion, tuberculosis.

I dutifully promise to provide new Canine Mafioso material soon to your heart's abundance!

In the meantime, how about some Canine Mafia puppy pictures?

Will that buy me some solace?

Because Gino is a rescue Pug, I don't have any puppy pictures of him. He still doesn't think that's a good excuse to not have puppy pictures of him. This is how he feels about his lack of puppy pictures in this post:

Aug 17, 2008

Bruno's Idea of Bedrest...

Staring at me until I either a) give him another cookie or b) throw the ball for him.

Aug 15, 2008

Bodyguards: The New Must Have For 2008

If you feel the need to hire a bodyguard, make sure to check that the bodyguard is bigger than you. Bruno forgot this rule of thumb when he hired Gino to be his wingman.

Aug 13, 2008

Tub Terror

If you walk into the tub bleary-eyed, you might encounter The Tub Monster.

Her alias is Maggie.

I guess the tub is the new "it" place to hang out, since this is where Maggie can be found most of the day. I wish I could convince her to also clean the tub for me while she's hanging out in there. She ixnayed my plans when I ran them by her.

"Let me think about it. NO."

In other news, I might have to start locking up my curling iron. Blue has a mysterious curly whisker!

Any ideas how she might have acquired this curly whisker?

Aug 11, 2008

Pug Fact #46

When a Pug is running in a mad frenzy, the tail will uncurl.

Running in a mad frenzy requires complete concentration and muscle focus. Thus, the tail's resources must be shut off momentarily as resources are diverted to other muscles. This has been your Pug Fact of the day.

Aug 10, 2008

More Mobile Blogging

I have the best Cabana Boy as I sit here and try to work on correcting this horrendous farmer's tan that I have acquired this summer.

He is cheap, too! He only charges one cookie per day!

Aug 9, 2008

Mobile Blogging

Let's see if this works.

*UPDATE* Woo hoo! It works! I figured out how to mobile blog. Now, my quest will be complete with the acquisition of a better camera phone...

Aug 7, 2008

Bodacious Bella

This is Bella.

The Canine Mafia loves Bella. You would think it's because she's beautiful, lives to swim in the river and play tug. Sadly, it is for none of these reasons that The Mafiosos love Bella. There is only one word that can describe the kind of love The Mafiosos have for Bella...


The Mafiosos love Bella because she sent them cookies in the mail. Bella has exquisite taste! The Mafiosos approve of pumpkin cookies Bella was so kind enough to send from her home state.

Thank you, Bella!

Aug 5, 2008

Camera Hog

Why must you always try to take my picture?!"

"Ok, I'm ready. Snap away."

"We might pose for you. But it will cost you cookies.
My big brudder and I won't pose for less than
ten cookies. EACH."

"I'll pose, too.
But it's going to cost ya some fish pellets!

Aug 1, 2008

C is for Cookie

"Are those dog cookies for us?" asks Bruno.
"How nice of you to bake us some!"

Um, no. Sorry dudes. These are cookies for humans only.

"Can we have the crumbs?" asks Vinnie.

Um, no. Sorry.

"Damn you cookie!" exclaims Vinnie.
"You're so close but still so far away!"

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