Mar 30, 2008

I'm a Groupie!!

I have found the all time best stress reliever...being in a band! A virtual Rock Band that is!

I purchased Rock Band this week in order to burn off some steam with Ryan. This game is highly addictive! You have been warned! Ryan is doing pretty well on playing the guitar and I am the lead singer. I tried playing the drums for a while but they are actually pretty hard!

So I called it quits and instead try to belt out them high notes without shattering our dual pane windows. :) As of now, The American Pugsters are on a world tour trying to collect fans. Yup, that's our band name: The American Pugsters.

Sometimes, when we play a punk rock song, the Pugs start a mosh pit. It's quite comical!

Since we are on a world tour, we have a few staff members.

Gino is our Manager.

He gets us our gigs and also reminds the crowd to check out our next shows.

Vinnie is our Roadie.

He makes sure our equipment is working and before every show gives it his blessing: a pug sneeze. He takes his job very seriously.

Bruno is our Bouncer.

Come on...wasn't this a no-brainier?! Would you want to get a little too crazy at our show only to have to mess with this wall of muscles later? We thought so!

Mar 28, 2008

Stick and Stones...

What a tumultuous two days it has been. Ryan's grandfather's funeral was both beautiful and deeply saddening. It was wonderful to have so many relatives to lean on during hard times like these. Never have I seen a family so welcoming and genuine in the amount of concern and love given during such a stressful time. I am glad to be part of such a family.

Our Mafioso family was spread around during these two days. The boys stayed home one night and Seana came over to feed them and stretch their little legs. Auntie April called me to let know that Vinnie called her demanding to sleep over her house (Vinnie can dial?! I better let all the pizzerias know!), so Auntie April came and grabbed the boys. They had a fun day at Auntie April's house and I never knew I could miss my boys so much!

Now that we are back and the weather is nice, an outing was definitely in order!
Ryan started off our hike on a new trail. I stopped to take this picture...

not knowing that in a few seconds I would hear Ryan say "Oh crap! Boys, get over here!" What was behind the top of this trail was indeed a surprise!

A cliff!

Oh! Maybe we should have paid more attention to this sign? Ha ha!

Nonetheless, the view at the top of the bluff was breathtaking.

After that scare, Bruno decided that we should instead get down to business...accomplishing Bruno's first swim of 2008!

"Let's get crack-a-lackin' folks!"

"Cowabunga, dude!"

"Yipee kai yay!"

He proceeded to retrieve fallen logs back to shore....

and had a blast doing so!

Bruno was not very happy whenever Ryan took too long throwing the stick back into the river.

"Throw the stick! Throw it!

He kept threatening to jump and keep all four paws in the air knowing damn well how much I panic about his hips!

"Throw the stick and I'll land!"

Ryan and I oggled the homes located right above the river. We dreamed of one day owning a house just like this one:

But being that this home probably sells for at least $1 million dollars, the closest we could ever afford to a home located above the river is probably something like this:

I noticed that Gino started to get a little bit jealous of Bruno's splashes and retrieval skills. He kept following Bruno and saying "You ain't so hot! I can do anything you do but better!"

He first insisted that he could make a bigger splash than Bruno's...

"See! I can splash the water just as much as he can!"

"Dude, I look just like Moses parting the Red Sea!"

We had to explain to him that his splashes were a bit on the puny side. This is what a REAL splash looks like!

His ego was a little hurt. So he decided to prove that he could retrieve logs just as big as the ones Bruno retrieves.

"This is easy! This stick weighs as much
as a feather!"

"Man, this is no biggie!"

"Seriously, a newborn can lift this log!"

"I might as well walk with it around the river.
There might be a girl Pug who might see
my awesome strength!"

Obviously, his little black head began to swell. So we resorted back to some NILIF to help get him back on track. ;)

Vinnie came along also. I swear! He was just not into posing for the camera today. This is pretty much what he did all day...

He just kept sticking that tongue out at me. I deserve it...I did leave him for two days!

Bruno's also back to doing his favorite river hobby...

"You're in here somewhere!"

Bobbing for river dirt clogs! Yum!

While we were sitting down taking a break, I couldn't help but notice all of the butterflies surrounding us. Those that know me well know that I absolutely love butterflies and it felt like I was in heaving being surrounded by them.

"Ma! Look over here!
I found something for you!"

Um...thanks? Just what I wanted to see? Two butterflies getting it on! It definitely is spring!

Now that Spring is here, The Canine Mafia will begin more frequent outings. Stay tuned!

"Ya'll come back now, ya hear!"

Mar 24, 2008

And we weep...

Today we learned that Ryan's grandfather passed away. We mourn his loss and reflect on how precious life is during this moment of grief. The entire family is back home right now and I will join them soon for the funeral. Today I stopped by to visit The Canine Mafia's cousins to let them stretch their little legs and feed them dinner, as their Mom and Dad went back home today to spend time with the family during this time of loss.

Linus greeted me at the door. He wanted to know if I had brought his ahi tuna for dinner.

"I hope you purchased sushi-grade tuna."

"What?! You have no tuna?"

"I have claws you know.
Perhaps you might want to rethink
this 'No tuna' statement."

Lindsay just wanted to know when I was going to use my thumbs to open her container of food.

"Is dinner ready yet?
Is it ready yet?
How about now?
Is it ready yet?"

Bison was really sad that Bruno did not accompany me.

"But...but...Bruno always visits me!"

"Maybe if I wish hard enough, Bruno will appear!"

Bella had a few choice words about Bison's wish...

"Tell me there's not another dog coming here!"

I told her she could have whatever she wished. She is illegally cute.

"I know. It really is hard to be this good looking."

She's even cuter when she decides to perch underneath plants.

"When you turn around, I shall proceed
to destroy the leaves on this baby!"

Please, everyone, give your furkids and your loved ones a big hug today. Let them know that you love them and cherish every waking moment with them.

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, but love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Mar 23, 2008

Family Ties

"I"m bored," says Bruno.

"Me too," says Gino.

"Me three," says Vinnie.

Sensing the boys were bored, Cousin Bison and Cousin Lindsay came over for some playtime...

"Let's play!" exclaims Bison

"I can't hear a word you're saying
because I'm deaf!" says Lindsay

"I love it when Bison and Lindsay come over," says Bruno

"Bison helps me gang up on the Pugs..."

"We wrassle..."

"I bite his face off..."

"He bites mine off..."

"Bison also makes a nice head rest
for my huge, ginormous head."

The Pugs don't wrassle. They are too busy making sure no one gets out of line or has too much fun. They make Bison take mandatory Time-Outs.

Glad you stopped by cousin Bison!

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