Jan 27, 2008

Burning The Candle At Three Ends

I spent today at a seminar co-hosted by 4 Paws University and Positively Trained. Nicole Wide was the speaker and the topic was "Helping The Fearful Dog."

Wow, my cell phones takes some
crappy pictures!

I have been a fan of Nicole ever since reading her book "Helping Your Fearful Dog."

This book became my bible during the period of Bruno's fear issues. Well, heck, who am I kidding? I should say Bruno's continuing fear issues.

Ironically, this morning as I was getting ready, Bruno emitted a very low, deep growl. I only hear this type of growl when he is trying to scare an object that he is deathly afraid of. It took me a while to figure out that he was growling at a feather.

Yup, you read that right, a feather. The feather had come from our down comforter and it was obvious to Bruno (and no one else) that the feather was an alien beacon. Really, only Bruno can see the danger in a feather that looks like this...

I didn't get the chance to help him over his fear, because immediately after I asked him to check it out, Vinnie came over and ate the feather. See, ya'll, it never is a dull day living with these knuckleheads.

Over dinner with Nicole the night before, I realized that I was not alone in the frustrations I have dealing with Bruno's neurosis. She laughed at the stories I had of Bruno but at the same time could empathize 100% how hard it is living with a dog who shifts on a daily basis what is considered scary.

"But you don't understand!
I am trying to protect you from

I was impressed and surprised that most of the attendees were not dog trainers but members of rescue organizations or shelter workers. It is awesome that this population came out to further educate themselves. Rescue and shelter workers mainly deal with fearful dogs and it is awesome that they attended the seminar to learn how to better read frightened canines.

However, now I am home and beyond exhausted. Bright and bushy tailed I must show up to my new job tomorrow and I really feel that I am going to drop dead from exhaustion at any second. Sometimes I wonder how much longer I can keep doing this.

Jan 20, 2008

Baby Morgan

The Canine Mafia wanted to send out their respects and congratulations to Marianna.

Naturally, I was sent to be their spokesperson.

"OMG! I can't believe you
came to see me!" exclaims Morgan.

Morgan and I laughed...

And cried...

And ate...

And we posed...

But mainly, I admired her irresistible cuteness...

We also said hello to Miles...

And Daisy...

After, we left to meet up with Parker
at McKinley Park.

While there, we ran into a
good friend named Lucy.

Lucy's cuteness is almost borderline illegal!

We also saw Siren!

Siren's lucky--his Momma gives him baby food
when he returns from a recall.

Now it's back home and back to the regular bump and grind. It's been a fruitful weekend!

Jan 19, 2008

I told my Ma today that I was bored.
*Really* bored.

So she went to the toy closet and brought
out a stuffie for me to play with.

I was enjoying my stuffie until the Pugs told me that only babies play with stuffies.

So I went all Cujo on my stuffie to show
them stupid pugs that I ain't no baby!

That'll show them!

wonder what I can destuff next?

Jan 17, 2008

The Theme of The Day

Seriously. This is exactly how I feel.

Only I have somewhat of a nose.

And not that many forehead wrinkles.
I hope.

Jan 13, 2008

I have to post this....

I was scrolling through Flickr when I saw this:

And I immediately thought "Bruno and Vinnie in 10 years!"

This is only the second picture I have seen where an American Bulldog and a Pug were buddies. Maybe it's just me (or the margarita I just consumed), but I find it comical to encounter pictures like this one!

Jan 12, 2008

The cute faces make it worthwhile...

After a much needed holiday break, the paws are back to hitting the pavement.

I do have to admit that I was a little bit self-loathing going back to training as I had learned to enjoy having two days off in a row instead of only one.

However, all those emotions get thrown out the window the minute you see cute puppy faces.

Especially when the first one you see is like this!

"Oh, hi! Do you have a cookie for me?"

He was like a little baked potato with legs. I was really tempted to scoop him up and just put him in my camera bag. But his Mom couldn't take her eyes off of him, so my plans were foiled!

And fluffy ones like this..

"You will soon have an overpowering sensation to give me a cookie...
you are mesmerized by my fluffiness..."

I also learned an important lesson today. It is 99.99% impossible to take a picture of a Chocolate Lab puppy. Nearly impossible I tell you! The combination of spring legs and an inane determination to give millions of kisses makes it damn near impossible to get a still shot of a Chocolate Lab puppy. But I was determined...and I won.

"Cherish this moment, Lady.
For it will last merely a nanosecond!"

This puppy solemnly proclaimed to me that he would like to join The Canine Mafia. To show me his sincere interest, he came dressed to play the part. Complete with the gold chain and everything!

"So I hears yous gots the books open..."

I had to inform him that he was too young. But perhaps when he gets a wee bit older he can come join the "Waste Management" business.

I think I crushed all of his dreams.

And then there was the puppy that had the entire class laughing. Miss Sadie here came into the first class with her tail tucked between her legs and nervous of anything and everything. In less than 3 weeks, she came out of her shell, producing a cashew-shaped wiggling puppy whenever she approaches the building.

I feared my camera would scare her, but boy did she ever prove me wrong. She actually posed for me! Which brought the entire class to erupt in laughter.

I think Linda Evangelist is her idol because Sadie proceeded to tell me that doesn't wake up for less than $10,000 a day.

"I do not accept bills larger than $50.
Thanks for understanding."

This fluff-o-puppy was a riot. He lives to work and was all about working. He was so intense!

"Excuse me, I'm working right now.
Come talk to me during recess."

The day isn't complete without a Golden puppy smiling at you. It should be a required prescription. One Golden smile a day to keep the sadness away.

"Say cheese!"

Except I think this Golden Puppy is broken! No smiles from this puppy today.

"It's all downhill once you leave the womb, I tell ya."

If you happen to die from cuteness overload often, I'd suggest you skip the next two pictures. Seriously, I am warning you...the following pictures may be too much for anyone to handle.


AND THEN...he cocks his head to the side if you make kissy sounds. Only this puppy can make a titled head be to die for!!

This Great Pyrenees is another fluff-o-puppy! He needs some static guard for his hair!

At the end of the day, my puppy and I were glad to be home. But we have to admit that we had a great time and wouldn't want to be anywhere else on a Saturday.

"I'm still your favorite puppy, right?"

Jan 11, 2008

Green Eating Machine

Oooh...what is this?

I think this stuff will help my muscles grow...

I'll just take one for now!

Jan 9, 2008

Damaged Ego

I am depressed.

Really depressed.

I am so depressed,
you could call me Emo.

Why am I depressed you ask?

Because I'm being forced to wear a girl collar!
It's not even Valentine's Day yet!

I'm pretty sure they make manly Valentine's Day Collars...

On a side note...

I think Maggie's trying to tell me she's
had enough of my camera.

Jan 6, 2008

Storm Chaser

There was a break in the nasty weather today. There was even a little bit of sunshine! The rain let up for a very long time and I used the opportunity to go for a run. I cut my run short though after seeing all the damage around me. I ran back home to get my camera and tried to discreetly snap pictures...don't want the neighbors thinking I'm weird!

Or is it too late for that? :p

This is the school yard The Mafiosos romp and roam in. It now looks like a hurricane swept through.

These puny oak trees didn't seem to stand the chance against the strong winds. They lay toppled over like matchsticks.

And there are lots of homes that look like this...

Thankfully, our trees stayed put. Our large oak tree in the front yard is leaning towards a slant now.

Leaning we'll take. Leaning on the ground, no please!

Storm storm go away! Come back never again! Let's hope the rest of the week flies by without any trees toppling over.
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