Jan 6, 2008

Storm Chaser

There was a break in the nasty weather today. There was even a little bit of sunshine! The rain let up for a very long time and I used the opportunity to go for a run. I cut my run short though after seeing all the damage around me. I ran back home to get my camera and tried to discreetly snap pictures...don't want the neighbors thinking I'm weird!

Or is it too late for that? :p

This is the school yard The Mafiosos romp and roam in. It now looks like a hurricane swept through.

These puny oak trees didn't seem to stand the chance against the strong winds. They lay toppled over like matchsticks.

And there are lots of homes that look like this...

Thankfully, our trees stayed put. Our large oak tree in the front yard is leaning towards a slant now.

Leaning we'll take. Leaning on the ground, no please!

Storm storm go away! Come back never again! Let's hope the rest of the week flies by without any trees toppling over.


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  2. It still amazes me how these huge trees that are so wide came out from their roots and toppled onto cars and houses. Driving through town it looks like a mini tornado came by. Our area had the most fallen fences...it's crazy! Let's hope the worst is over.

  3. Wow, I'm glad that you guys are all ok and hope no more storms have prevented you from posting in the last couple of days?




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