Feb 27, 2011

Weird Weather

Here in California, the weather can't seem to decide if it wants to snow or be warm.  We're either experiencing frost or glorious, warm sunshine.  Either way, The Mafiosos are taking in every single sunny day, whether it's butt nugget cold or toasty warm.

Bruno can't decide if it should be a Frisbee day or a Stick day.  Decisions, Decisions. 

But it really doesn't matter which one he picks...either way, he'll still have an annoying black Pug on the sidelines.


Out of the four dogs, Vinnie's the smart one.  Really, he is.  I mean, why waste the day away exerting precious energy when instead you could be getting a relaxing massage?

Besides, a sunny day is not meant for running and getting all sweaty.  It's meant for strutting your stuff and showing off the bikini body you've been hiding all winter.

A sunny day for me meant perhaps finally getting that picture of myself posing with Mafioso Jr.  It's going to be a Mother's Day surprise gift for my mother.  But when 99% of all my shots look like the following, the photo shoot was practically a bust.  But I have a feeling Carmela doesn't think so.

Feb 7, 2011

The Great Stroller Invasion

Mafioso Jr: "HALP! A chihuahua has taken over my stroller!"

Carmela: "Seriously...does he not have a mute button?"
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