Jun 29, 2008

Goodbye Grey Goose

There is an old saying that proclaims until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. Kiana awakened many with her presence.

We will miss you Grey Goose.

Nom Nom Nom...

I am a huge fan of Noble Pig. I only wish I had the time to cook and bake and so I live vicariously through her blog. I love how her blog breaks it all down into easy steps. I especially love the pictures she posts; especially the ones of the ingredients.

Noble Pig inspired me today to do a similar post...no, not for human food silly! I rarely cook for myself. Thank the Lord I have a husband who makes sure I have three square meals a day. :-) Instead, this post will be about "cooking" for The Mafiosos.

The Mafiosos eat a raw diet. We started this diet a year and a half ago due to Bruno's pelvis fracture. He was not doing well on kibble (extreme muscle stiffness and constant limping), and after much research and the encouragement of our vet, we switched to a completely raw diet. Since the switch, Bruno has made a tremendous recovery, and if you were to ever see him in action, you would not believe that he had a fractured pelvis.

The Pugs also eat raw and the benefit for them is cleaner teeth. Because Pugs are a brachycephalic breed, their teeth are usually crammed into their smooshed snouts and are often at odd angles. This is a haven for trapping food debris and can lead to periodontal disease. The Raw Meat Bones in the diet help keep their teeth nice and clean.

Yup, my dogs eat raw meat. And raw bones, too! And some of their fellow friends do also: Bison, Buzz and Fergus are also on raw diets and thriving well on it!
Feeding a raw diet means feeding your dog fresh food daily. This includes uncooked muscle meat (boneless), uncooked meat with edible bones (Raw Meaty Bones or RMB’s), uncooked organs and occasionally, fruits and vegetables.

The most important thing to remember is that a raw diet is not a panacea and it is not a cure-all solution. So please do a complete and thorough research before deciding to switch your dog(s).

And now I begin today's post
à la Noble King...

We start off with our ingredients:

Today's breakfast consists of raw ground turkey and raw chicken livers. To this meal I usually add some raw eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, a few squirts of
salmon oil, a few scoops of The Missing Link and lastly a multi-vitamin. This takes me less than 5 minutes to prepare for three dogs.

Bruno's a tad bit peeved that breakfast is taking longer than usual. I can sense he does not find me using his precious breakfast as an opportunity to create a blog entry.

"Seriously. Can I have my food now?"

Wait for it...here it comes....

"GIVE ME MY FOOD NOW!!!!!!!!!"

The Pugs are a bit more patient and forgiving of me. What they are not forgiving about is the drool puddles Bruno leaves all over my kitchen runner and on the floors.

"Eww! Bruno's nasty!!"

Alright, I think I've tortured Bruno long enough. Time for breakfast!

For the sake of my walls (trust me: explaining to your friends why your walls are always bloody is not a good conversation starter!), The Mafiosos eat outside. They each have their food feeding stand and must wait to be released before eating.

Bruno's the only one I worked with to give me eye contact before being released. I was more lax with the Pugs. See how intently they stare at the food? You can almost hear their chants: "Gimme. Gimme. Gimme."

And then The Mafiosos hear the most magical words of all...

"Take it!"

Everyone here eats with gusto...

"Nom, nom, nom."

"Double nom, nom, nom."

"Triple nom, nom, nom."

(please, readers, feel free to chastise Ryan for
never finishing painting Gino's food stand!)

Gino gives his raw meal the ultimate Pug approval...
face-licking good!

All the bowls are always spit-shined clean!

The Mafiosos would like to say they were happy to share how and what they eat with you, but they are not. They are pissed that breakfast took way longer than usual and for that someone may pay. You've been warned! Watch your backs!

Jun 10, 2008

The Wheels Go Round and Round...

Somewhere out there, a car is missing a tire...

Or maybe a big rig...

"Quit being silly, Ma!
It's just tire toy that Dad bought me!

Jun 3, 2008

Them's Fighting Words!

This is what 25 lbs of fawn Pug looks like:

And this is what 17 lbs of black Pug looks like:

This is what two Pugs with a death wish look like:

Lately, the Pugs have been ganging up on Bruno. They've been uttering the term "Meathead!" with a lot less endearment. Combined, the Pugs weigh less than half of what Bruno does. I don't think they realize that they do really need that other half to take on the one they call Meathead.

Bruno's taking it in stride for now. He just shakes them off like gnats but that does not deter the Pugs from trying again repeatedly to bring down the giant.

Maggie's waiting with anticipation on who will win this battle!

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