Jun 3, 2008

Them's Fighting Words!

This is what 25 lbs of fawn Pug looks like:

And this is what 17 lbs of black Pug looks like:

This is what two Pugs with a death wish look like:

Lately, the Pugs have been ganging up on Bruno. They've been uttering the term "Meathead!" with a lot less endearment. Combined, the Pugs weigh less than half of what Bruno does. I don't think they realize that they do really need that other half to take on the one they call Meathead.

Bruno's taking it in stride for now. He just shakes them off like gnats but that does not deter the Pugs from trying again repeatedly to bring down the giant.

Maggie's waiting with anticipation on who will win this battle!

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