Sep 28, 2007


I am addicted to those web sites with pictures of pets and idiosyncratic captions. If ever I am in a bad mood at work, I'll just pop open the following websites and instantaneously burst out laughing:


Obviously, I need lots of practice learning how to speak "LOL" language, but here a few of my attempts at being witty. That's WITTY, not whitey. I'm accused of trying to be that also.


Sep 24, 2007

Bruno King . . .

King Bruno is ready for his breakfast.

Please make sure it is at the proper level of smell.
I'd like my Tripe to be extra smelly today!

Seriously, folks.
This is one of those times when you should be glad
that computer monitors do not come equipped with smell-o-vision!

Come on! I'm hungry!
You have to do what I say when I am wearing my crown!

Is someone going to tell him this "crown" came
from Burger King?
And that's it made out of paper?

Sep 20, 2007

Up Close and Personal

Never realized my camera had a setting for close ups...

Who better to try these settings on
than a really lazy American Bulldog?

Make that one dirty American Bulldog...

I swear his paw is supposed to be white in color...

Can you see my brain?

I have some little teefies!

I apply my eyeliner very carefully each morning
before leaving the house. . .

Is that cookies I smell?

And before I get crap on why there are no Pug close ups...

That's why.
Pugs try to eat cameras.
They are vicious!!

The theme for this weeks seems to be hiking.

With the weather cooling off (even the appearance of rain!),
the Mafia has decided to take full advantage of it.

"Move them hips, Ma!
Even I can move mine faster and mine are broken!"

The Pugs seem to be in Turbo Boost mode...

Bruno decides to go hunting for the perfect log
for Dad to throw into our destination...


Um...looks like the river is a little low!

"That's, ok!" says Gino. "We can still play!"

"I like walking on this funny ground!
Who would have thought that we'd be walking
where the river once was!"

"Yeah! This is some funny soil!" says Gino

The Mafia likes to leave a call signal behind...

which one of you bad asses smuggled in the beer?

"Dammit, Gino! I told you Ma would find out!" exclaims Vinnie.
"Run for it before she grounds us!"

Pugs on the loose!

"Wait! What's that over there?"
asks Vinnie as he applies his Pug Brakes...

"What are these?" asks Vinnie

Why, they're magical River Sunglasses!

"Ya, right!" says Vinnie.
"Magical my Pug butt! Only a dummy would believe that!"

"HEY!" shouts Gino
"If Ma says they're magical, then they are magical!
Now shut up and show Ma some respect!"

"Hey, Ma! You like my Mud Boots?"

And so ends the hike...
another trail added to our tally!

Um, Bruno..
I really was kidding when I said those glasses were magical!

Sep 18, 2007

Hiking Hounds. . .

Today is a big day for The Family.

Ma and Dad have been married for 4 years.

They eloped and would do it again in a heartbeat.

To celebrate, they took us hiking.

The end destination was well worth the sore feet and paws.

Let’s get this hike started!

This way, Ma!

Just follow the butts, Ma!

The men will lead this hike!

There’s only one cool way to hike—with your tongue hangin’ out!

Anyone bring a ruler? I think Vinnie wins!

How long is this hike again?


this meathead keeps slowing us down with his one million pit stops!

I can’t help it! I’m big boned!

What’s next on the agenda?

Let me guess what Bruno wants to do next…

You guessed it! Another break!

Let me just catch my breath for a second…

For dog’s sake…can we get going?

Fine. Let me see what all the fuss is about! I’ll take a break!

Phew! That wasn’t actually too bad! I think I like these breaks!

Ha ha! Bruno is a turtle! Whachoo mean my tongue looks obscene?

Hehehe..Ma said your tongue looks obscene!

Don’t tell anyone…but even the Fun Police take a vacation!

We are not having fun! Well...maybe just a little bit!

One question…what time is lunch?

These Anniversary trips are pretty fun!

Daddy? Any chance we can find a lake or river to swim in?

I’m pretty hot, too! I need a swim to cool off my tootsies!

Phew! Now I am all cooled off!

Um…Bruno? What are you doing?!

I have to get a big stick!

Bruno, you call that a big stick?

Now this is what I call a stick!

That was one fun adventure!

See you around!

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