Sep 12, 2007

And may your first child be a masculine child!

After much encouragement from fans of the Canine Mafia,

The Mafiosos now have their very own blog.
Their picture adventures have sparked a fan base
and this a blog was the only social solution!

Who would have thought that two Pugs and an American Bulldog
would have more friends than me!? HA!

I can pretty much guarantee you a new adventure every Mondays.
My husband makes it a requisite that I get off my ass on Mondays (damn him!)
and join him in discovering new swimming and hiking locations
in the greater Sacramento Area.

And of course, wherever we go, so do the boys!

Thanks for visiting our blog!


  1. YAY!!! I'm your first comment! Now, we can be blog buddies. I'm officially listing you under my blog roll call! Love the pic, and can't wait to see more documented stories of the Mafiosos!!!!

  2. AWESOME!!!!! Glad you finally did it! Looking forward to the net episode of The Dogfathers!!!



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