Jul 28, 2009

So Sorry...

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Hi readers...

This is a meager attempt at apologizing for the lack of blog posts this week. I know Tuesdays and Thursdays have come to be the days for a Mafioso fix, but unfortunately, I've been recuperating from a horrible stomach bug that has prevented me from lifting anything but a toilet seat.

Gino asks "Please forgive us?"

Jul 23, 2009

And Off We Go!

It's been a while since The Mafiosos went hiking, so we decided to take a trip to a new hiking location.

Vinnie more than agreed it was time for a hike.

"LET'S GO!!"

"Come on, Ma!
Stop taking pictures and start hiking!!"

"Come on, Carmela.
Wish with me that Ma will put down
her camera and start this hike!"

"Woo hoo!
It worked!"

All started off well. We hiked a new trail called Gerle Loop Trail. We took plenty of pit stops since the weather was rather warm. Since it had been a while since The Mafiosos stretched their legs, they had plenty of silliness in them.

"Ma! Look!

Oh shit!"

Very graceful, Bruno. Very graceful indeed. I'll just add that the many reasons why you're special.

After the silliness got out, it was time for the obligatory group pictures. Except I couldn't get anyone to look in my direction. And Carmela was too busy giving the death stare to some creature she kept hearing in the brush.

But, if I'm patient enough, I finally get the shot I want. With Carmela smiling even! I just have to wait until the very end when everyone is too dead tired to fight me.

Do I know my crew or do I know my crew? :-D

Jul 21, 2009

Carmela vs. Molly

Since our cat Blue passed, Molly's been exploring the house without fear of being ambushed. Blue constantly harassed Molly. Without Blue around, Molly has become more adventurous and even hangs out with me in the presence of the dogs.

Molly's also turned into quite the poser. She'll lay on the couch and grant me permission to take photos of her.

She knows how to work the camera...

But I've sensed a little bit of jealousy coming from Carmela...

"Big freaking deal!
Lay on a surface and look cute...
wow, really hard."

"Seriously, I don't even have to try.
I look cute on ANYTHING.
Now, stop taking pictures of that
ugly cat and focus on me."

p.s. If you have some time today, could you please stop by and visit our favorite Pug's blog... http://walterthepug.blogspot.com/

Walter was unfortunately hit by an SUV and he could use your words of support, juju and prayers. Thanks!

We're rooting for you, Walter! We over here at The Dogfathers are experts in hip/pelvis juju! We've broken and shattered a few over here to know your pain at this moment. We're thinking of you and sending you powerful vibes!

A Year Ago: Life Imitates Art

Jul 16, 2009

More Reasons Bruno's Special

Bruno thinks he's special because he donates blood at UC Davis.

And because no one can rock a baseball hat like he does.

I'll agree with him on his first point... :-)

A Year Ago: Hot Dog Luau

Jul 14, 2009

It's Hooooooooooooooooot!

Poor Pugs. It's been hot here lately and that limits the amount of time the Pugs can stay outside.

"Bruno can't handle it either!
He just won't admit it!" exclaims Gino.

But the I am sometimes grateful for the hot weather. Because it provides for some funny photo moments.

"Who you calling funny?"

A Year Ago Today: Four Paws

Jul 9, 2009

Bruno's Special

Bruno's special.

Yes, um, he's really special.

"Is it because I have a
freakishly large head?"

"It so totally is my head.
I know it is."

"What about me, Ma?
Am I special?"

Oh Lord knows Vinnie is special. A very kind of special that would require a separate blog entry. But that's for another day...

A Year Ago Today: Wiley E. Coyote

Jul 2, 2009

Spaying The Day Away

Carmela's spay surgery had a little glitch.

During her surgery, the vet discovered that Carmela had pyometra (in the beginning stages). Pyometra is an infection of the uterus. Her uterus was filled with pus and swelled up. Had I waited any longer to spay her, we would have been in the land of trouble. Perhaps she was meant to cross my path to avoid this fate. Regardless, it's taken care of and now she's home recovering.

I constantly encourage people to spay/neuter their pets and this is another good reason to do so.

Silly me...I was going to wait a few more months to schedule her spay appointment. But something kept nagging me to just get it over with and take her in. I'm glad I followed that nagging feeling because otherwise, I would have had a very, very sick Chihuahua on my hands. Or none at all. :(

Recovery was a little rough on her. Anesthesia is never easy for dogs, but is was especially hard for this 3 pound ball of spunkiness.

Carmela ~ Spay

She was very cold and in a lot of pain. She promptly burrowed herself in her multitude of blankies and spent the rest of the night sleeping.

For the most part....until....


Carmela ~ Spay

"Is that dinner I smell?"

Carmela ~ Spay

Apparently, not sleepy enough to miss dinner. She promptly unburrowed herself from her blaknies and ran to the kitchen when she heard Ryan preparing the other dogs' dinner. Too bad she was not allowed to have anything until the next morning.

But now, we are in safe territory. She's on antibiotics and her stitches come out this week. But don't worry...this little bump in the road didn't prevent her from bossing the boys around. She may have missed a day, but she's back on track. ;-)

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