Jul 9, 2009

Bruno's Special

Bruno's special.

Yes, um, he's really special.

"Is it because I have a
freakishly large head?"

"It so totally is my head.
I know it is."

"What about me, Ma?
Am I special?"

Oh Lord knows Vinnie is special. A very kind of special that would require a separate blog entry. But that's for another day...

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  1. Bruno, I think you got a real cute head. Even if it is just a bit large.

  2. bruno is totally special! i love bruno:)

  3. Bruno, I think your special because your the only one I know who looks good with only one eye's eyeliner on and one without! I used to have a Boxer/Pit mix who we affectionately called lughead because she too had a FLH. Long live the FLH's! Maybe you should start a group!

  4. Yes it is your FLH and those lips!


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