Jul 21, 2009

Carmela vs. Molly

Since our cat Blue passed, Molly's been exploring the house without fear of being ambushed. Blue constantly harassed Molly. Without Blue around, Molly has become more adventurous and even hangs out with me in the presence of the dogs.

Molly's also turned into quite the poser. She'll lay on the couch and grant me permission to take photos of her.

She knows how to work the camera...

But I've sensed a little bit of jealousy coming from Carmela...

"Big freaking deal!
Lay on a surface and look cute...
wow, really hard."

"Seriously, I don't even have to try.
I look cute on ANYTHING.
Now, stop taking pictures of that
ugly cat and focus on me."

p.s. If you have some time today, could you please stop by and visit our favorite Pug's blog... http://walterthepug.blogspot.com/

Walter was unfortunately hit by an SUV and he could use your words of support, juju and prayers. Thanks!

We're rooting for you, Walter! We over here at The Dogfathers are experts in hip/pelvis juju! We've broken and shattered a few over here to know your pain at this moment. We're thinking of you and sending you powerful vibes!

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  1. Molly, you are very beautiful and a very, very good model!

  2. Oh dear ... Molly, I think you've been served.

  3. Love how you say she's granted you permission to take a picture. Such a true cat thing to do!

    Sending healthy vibes the way of your friend.

  4. Don't worry Carmela, you are WAY cuter!

  5. Oh Carmela! Always bossing everyone around!


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