Jul 2, 2009

Spaying The Day Away

Carmela's spay surgery had a little glitch.

During her surgery, the vet discovered that Carmela had pyometra (in the beginning stages). Pyometra is an infection of the uterus. Her uterus was filled with pus and swelled up. Had I waited any longer to spay her, we would have been in the land of trouble. Perhaps she was meant to cross my path to avoid this fate. Regardless, it's taken care of and now she's home recovering.

I constantly encourage people to spay/neuter their pets and this is another good reason to do so.

Silly me...I was going to wait a few more months to schedule her spay appointment. But something kept nagging me to just get it over with and take her in. I'm glad I followed that nagging feeling because otherwise, I would have had a very, very sick Chihuahua on my hands. Or none at all. :(

Recovery was a little rough on her. Anesthesia is never easy for dogs, but is was especially hard for this 3 pound ball of spunkiness.

Carmela ~ Spay

She was very cold and in a lot of pain. She promptly burrowed herself in her multitude of blankies and spent the rest of the night sleeping.

For the most part....until....


Carmela ~ Spay

"Is that dinner I smell?"

Carmela ~ Spay

Apparently, not sleepy enough to miss dinner. She promptly unburrowed herself from her blaknies and ran to the kitchen when she heard Ryan preparing the other dogs' dinner. Too bad she was not allowed to have anything until the next morning.

But now, we are in safe territory. She's on antibiotics and her stitches come out this week. But don't worry...this little bump in the road didn't prevent her from bossing the boys around. She may have missed a day, but she's back on track. ;-)


  1. Poor Carmela -- glad you caught that in time!

  2. Oh my goodness, I am so glad that she had her procedure just in time! Have a quick recovery, Carmela!

  3. Oh what a relief! Poor little thing, she is so lucky to have found you and the boys!

  4. Daisy, Jingles, Jake and Maggie (and the humans) send good wishes and hope Carmela is feeling great soon.


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