Jun 30, 2009


The Mafiosos all have morning personalities.

The Pugs are those two happy morning assholes you love to hate. If they were human, they'd be the two guys in the office who would greet you with "Gooooooooood Morning! Gorgeous day we're having! And how was your weekend?" while you're rubbing your eyes and the weekend's tequila out of your skin. They burst out of their crates like rockets and are all ready to start the day.

Bruno and Carmela are total opposites. They don't come out of their crates immediately. They linger for about fifteen minutes. They are still half asleep, silently cursing the pugs to go drink a cup of shut the eff up. Bruno finally gets out of his crate whenever he hears me grab the food bowls. Now there's a dog that conserves energy. Why leave the comfort of your warm crate just to shiver in the cold until Mom decides to prepare your food? It's best to wait until you hear it's actually ready to finally leave your comfort.

Carmela is a little different in this aspect. She could actually give two furry rats if breakfast is ready. She would skip it just to stay warm in her crate. Every morning, I have to and get her out of her crate. She burrows herself in a blanket and sometimes it's impossible to find her.


"WTF do you want?"

Since I've disclosed The Canine Mafia's morning personalities, it's only fair that I tell you mine. I'm not a morning person. You risk getting your head bit off if you try to talk to me before 9 AM. Part of the reason is I wake up every single day to this at exactly 5:06 AM...

"Wake uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup.
Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed Me.

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  1. You crack me up with your descriptions! Do you want to know something interesting? I used to stroll downstairs about an hour or so after everyone else got up and then pick at my breakfast. Since I have switched to the raw food, I RACE downstairs and cannot wait to eat.

  2. For not being a morning person, you do one hellava job on your blog. LOVE IT. Thank Goodness my American Bulldog and Lab/Rott are not morning dogs. . . .well, we've been working on the Lab/Rott not to be for five years now. . .

  3. Carmela is so cute in her blanket!


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