Jun 2, 2009

My Favorite Favorite

I often get asked how life is with four dogs.

I won't lie -- it's very hectic. Especially since all four dogs have very different personalities that sometimes don't blend very well with the other's.

It's also very expensive. You don't even want to know what my vet bills are. Not to mention toys, food, collars, etc. It adds up very quickly.

But the most popular question I get asked is which dog is my favorite. I am frequently boggled by this question. I don't have a favorite. The dogs may have a favorite in terms of whether they prefer Ryan or myself, but as for me, I find it impossible to have a favorite.

Each of The Mafiosos has distinct qualities that make it impossible for me to have a favorite. All four of them own a very special, unique piece of my heart.

Gino, for instance, is a total clown. He is constantly on a mission to make you laugh. His day is not complete until he has made you crack up. He'll wrestle your feet. He'll dive bomb onto the bed and make the funniest noises. He'll stare at your face longingly and then proceed to sneeze in it.

Bruno is my sensitive poet. He may look tough on the outside, but he is nothing but mush. It's interesting to see that with Ryan, he is completely different. With Ryan, Bruno is definitely a man's man. But with me, it's all about being a mama's boy.

Vinnie is my cuddle bug. He's my main man, always willing to drop everything on a moment's notice to spend the day with me on the couch, no questions asked.

Carmela is, um, Carmela. Carmela can be cuddly when she wants to be. She can also be a clown when she wants to be. She can also be very sensitive when she wants to be. Are you sensing a theme here? Carmela can be anything she wants, it just all depends if she wants to be. It's Carmela's world and she just lets us live here.

How about you readers? Do you have a favorite Mafioso? Is there a Canine Mafia memeber you would like to see more of? Do you have a specific question you'd love to be answered about your favorite Dogfather? Post it in the comment section and I'll happily oblige. For the Carmela fans, please be aware that you may or may not get an answer. It all depends on if she wants to. ;-)


  1. I think I have two favorites- Bruno and Carmela. But really I love seeing them all. It seems to be a theme that Bruno makes me laugh and smile because it is apparent that he is nothing but mush (refusing to look at Carmela when she was in heat, the orange cone playing, dopey running with jowls flapping in the wind, etc) and I love when big dogs are softies. Carmela makes me laugh because she has a very expressive face and you are always good at capturing that.

  2. I love them all, although I have a soft spot in my heart for Bruno's FLH. I mostly love the mafiosomama and the way she makes sure all the dogfathers are loved and taken care of - roie

  3. I have to say I absolutely love Bruno. Marley has a soft spot for american bulldogs. We want more Bruno.

  4. We like all of them! Our question is this...Is Carmela mean to the rest of them like our Taco Bell dawg is mean to us? I mean, Cissy is a Real BRAT! Mean, we tell ya, mean! Maybe it's all that spicy Messican food she eats?? hhmmm

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella ^..^

  5. I think I like all of them but Princess (my chihuahua) her favorite is Carmela she wants to be just like her ;-) x

  6. The big guy just does something to me. His tender on the inside tough on the out I guess.

    The pic of Carmela looks likes she's sayin "what chu lookin at?"

  7. I have a special place for Bruno. Must be because I have a Great Dane, and I know how loveable those big doofy dogs can be! More Bruno and his FLH!

  8. I love your blog, ever since I found it I have been an avid follower. I also love all 4 of the Mafiosos, and how you have given each of them such unique personalities through your photos and dialog. I think some of my favorite posts are the ones where all 4 make an appearance.

  9. I love all four! We have two chihuahuas, so Carmela has a special place in our hearts (especially since she was a roadside rescue), but the fact that all your guys (and gal) can live in relative peace is just amazing! Gino and Vinnie just have the cutest faces, and they look like they'd be such lovey guys. And the fact that Bruno is so much bigger than the rest of them and is so gentle and tolerant is awesome. I love the pictures of the whole crew on adventures.

  10. Dannan and I love them all! I have a soft spot for Bruno (Dannan KNOWS he could take Bruno in a fight, LOL; he wouldn't bother with Gino, Vinnie or Carmela because they're littler than him, he only takes on the big dogs!). But I think Daisy's right, the best posts have all four Mafiosos!


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