Jun 18, 2009

Family Hike

We had a lovely hike with The Canine Mafia's cousins. Bison and Lindsay came along during our hike back to Beale Falls and we also allowed the boys to come. :) It's a good thing we invited the boys to come along, but more on that later...

Poor Bison was really unsure about the entire trip.

"I don't know guys...
are you sure this water is safe to swim in?"

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"It looks all murky and stuff..."

"Just jump in, you big sissy!" shouts Vinnie.
"You'll look even cooler if you swim with a cigarette."

"Alright, that's it!" exclaims Bison.
"No pipsqueak Pug calls me a sissy!"

"I'm just going to start off with one toe in the water..."

"Just freaking do it!" shouts Gino.

"Alright! Man! The pressure you guys
put on a person is unreal!"

Yeah, Bison! He made it into the water and came back unscathed! We continued our five mile hike with the usual occurring: Vinnie looking for wildlife caca, Carmela being chased by vultures and Bruno running back and forth looking for logs.

"Um, Ma...I think we have a problem.
"Bison's not feeling well."

"OMG, seriously!" exclaims Carmela.
"Get the hell up! You can't be that tired!"

"Ma, I think Bison's feet hurt him.
He went all crazy climbing all over the rocks trying to get down
to the waterfall and I think he's in pain," informs Gino.

"If you don't get up, I'm going sit on
you all all day long!" says Vinnie.

"My tootsies hurt real bad," says Bison.

"I just need to rest for a little while."

"Big sissy!" shouts Carmela.

Seeing as how Carmela is an expert ego damager, I decided to lay down with Bison to show him that taking breaks is not a sign of weakness. Besides, my feet hurt, too.

Oh and lo and behold the minute I lay down with Bison to help him feel better, everyone else's feet start hurting also. What a bunch of fakers. :-)

But as tempting as it was to lay there all day with the beautiful waterfall behind us, we had to get going. Poor Bison still couldn't walk very well and we had about a 3 mile hike back the car. This is the part where bringing the boys along on our hike was a very good idea. :)


  1. What a great post! You all have such great adventures. I hope Bison feels better after a good rest. :)

  2. awww, how sweet. . .

    I remember once I did a walk for some illness with Gibby and he got pooped and decided to plop his balls in a big pile of ice cubes.

  3. I love that picture of my cuddlebug all snuggled with you. Bison is doing lots better today. He's greeting us at the door and following me around the house. BIG improvement to him just laying on his thrown. Funny post!


  4. Aww poor Bison. Glad to hear he's doing better 2day. Your day sounded fun anyway! Cute pics of u with the pooches.

  5. One time Tucker hurt his paw while jumping across rocks when we were out hiking in the Fallbrook area. Fortunately it was on the way back, so we stopped and rested for a little while and then I got to carry him back to the car. Lucky me! But that wasn't as bad as the time he became exhausted halfway down the mountain from Julian to the Warlock mine, and I had to carry him back up to the top where the car was.

    Yeah ... no more long hikes for Tucker.

  6. I'll never understand the canine fascination with water. I hate it. Cool story, though.


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