Jun 11, 2009

BBQ Buddies

One of the few things I can say I really enjoy about my life is that I love my job. I love what I do, but most of all, I love the people I work with. We all have this abundance of love for our pets and consider them our hairy children.

I was able to spend a wonderful Sunday with my coworkers and their pets. We enjoyed great food and great weather. But what I most enjoyed was meeting new furry faces.

I met Baxter...who is one big furry smile.


He may be an old man, but he sure does have a contagious smile.

Baxter 2

Vincent was also a favorite. He was pretty aloof, but he made up for his aloofness by giving me lots of posed shots. I didn't even have to ask...I would turn around, and there he was all nicely framed and ready to go. Damn those Border Collies...always doing things perfectly. :-)


Vincent Posing

Vincent also has a brother named Brock. Brock is super handsome. He kept trying to be my boyfriend. Although, I think in Brock's world, being my boyfriend meant sharing my plate of food with him.

Smile Brock

And then there was Jaxon. All goofy, all play, all the time.


There were tiny dogs there, too. Meet Bouncer. All 11 pounds of him.

Vinnie + Bouncer

Bouncer has the same pose for pictures. It's trademarked. Don't try to replicate it.

Gino + Bouncer

We also had ginormous dogs. Meet Cody. All 130lbs of him.

Cody Happy H20 Dog

It was great to see so many dogs get together and have fun. Especially when one black Pug gets into someone's beer and then has a little bit too much fun...

"Dude? You Ok?" asks Vincent.

Silly Pug and Questioning Border Collie

And it was super hilarious to see the tiny dogs herd the herding breeds.

The Little Ones Tag Teaming The Big Ones

The Fun Police however did make an appearance...

Vincent + Gino + Jaxon = Chase!

What I love the best about gatherings like this is getting to eat this:

Kathryn's Fab Fruit

Go ahead...pluck a fruit from your screen. You know you want to. :-D


  1. Awesome shots! That Vincent is rawr!

  2. great post. i do want some of that fruit!

  3. Drunk Puglette? The horror! BOL!!

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella ^..^

  4. I've got dibs on that chocolate covered strawberry in the front. Oh...and I'll take the rottie, too. K? thanks!

  5. Love that shot of the Rottie! Wish my work was half as fun =(


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