Jun 4, 2009

Punk'd: Bruno

Hey, Gino!" exclaims Vinnie.

"Let's play a trick on Bruno. Let's tell him
we saw an alligator in the river."

"Bruno, run!!" shout the Pugs.
"There's an alligator in the river!!"

"OMG! Ayyyyy!" screams Bruno!

"Hehehe! You're catching all this
on film, right Ma?" asks Vinnie.

"ALLIGATOR!!!!" shouts Carmela.

Ok, Pugs. Not funny. Now everyone is running in a panic thinking there really are alligators in the river. Bruno, Carmela: there really are no alligators in the river. Your brothers are just being buttheads.

"Ma! NOT COOL!" whines Vinnie.
"Why did you have to spoil the fun?"

"I knew there weren't any alligators
in the river, Ma!" verifies Bruno.

"Stupid Pugs," says Carmela.


  1. you're making it hard for me to pretend i'm being productive at my desk...laughing out loud is generally not a good cover!

  2. love that pic of Bruno. Those pugs didn't fool him, nuh uh, not at all!


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