Oct 29, 2009

Howl-O-Ween Safety

Happy Howl-O-Ween!

I know, these are last year's costumes. I apologize. Next year, we'll make it up to you. We promise!

But now that I have your attention, I'd like for you to indulge the worry-wort in me for a second.

Please be extra careful when opening your doors for trick-or-treaters. Many dogs often scramble to get outside when the door opens (not to mention the added chaos of hearing a doorbell ring). Some dogs might be frightened by the presence of people in costumes, and make a run for it.

Please also remember that chocolate is deadly for dogs. Keep that candy out of reach and also be diligent about candy wrappers which may cause blockage if ingested.

But most importantly, have a safe howl-o-ween! Did any of you dress up for howl-o-ween? If so, what did you dress up as?

p.s. Blogger had decided to edit Bruno (well, most likely Bruno's FLH) out of the posted picture. I have no idea why. But something tells me that perhaps Carmela has someone from Blogger on her payroll . . .

Oct 27, 2009

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

The poll has closed and the tribe has spoken:

Bruno is the winner!

But, as with any contest, there is always a loser. In this case, a very sore loser.

"Hmph! I demand a recount!"

Sorry, Carmela! That's what the readers decided. Maybe you'll win next time?

I hope the readers like pictures that look like this . . .

"Because that's what you end up with
when your head is too big
to fit into the camera frame!"

Carmela, be nice. Take your loss gracefully.

"But how can the readers want to see more FLH?!
It's unheard of!
Look, his paw barely fits in the frame! It's disgusting!
I, however, fit perfectly in the frame. . ."

"She's right, Ma.
My FLH is never gonna fit in the frame. . ."

What?! Oh, Bruno! The readers want you! We'll make it work! Now stand up and lemme take your picture. I'll show you that it's possible!

"Should I say 'Cheese' ?"

See, I told you!
His head didn't fit in the frame!
Look, I'm standing up and
I still fit in the frame!"

Ok, that's enough Carmela. The readers wanted Bruno and so the readers shall get Bruno. I'll just have to change lenses to accommodate Bruno's, um, larger magnitude.

See, totally possible!

Hope you manage to show the 'magnitude' of
your FLH, Bruno!"

"Sniff, sniff.
The poll was rigged.
I just know it was!"

Readers, enjoy an entire month of Bruno! I hope I don't disappoint.

And don't worry about Carmela. She'll get over it soon enough.

Oct 22, 2009

It Only Took A Year

While at the river with The Mafiosos recently, I started to wonder why Carmela never explores the water. She doesn't display the slightest interest in approaching it and generally avoids it like the plague. I was just about to decide that she'd probably never go in for a dip, when in she went to the water. I swear, she did it just to mess with me.

"Oh, I totally do this all the time.
You just never pay attention," says Carmela.

"What the hell?" ask Vinnie and Gino.
"You can swim?!"

"Duh! It's only like my second
favorite hobby," replies Carmela.

Alrighty then. It would appear that we now have a Chihuahua that enjoys swimming. Next up, she'll impress me with her karate skills or something.

Someone please tell that giant meathead
to stop making tsunamis!!" screams Carmela.

Oct 20, 2009


The Mafiosos took one last outing to the river before the weather gets too chilly and makes water activities impossible.

While in the water, Bruno showed off his awesome stick fetching skills. I didn't post any pictures of said display because, well, I don't want to give Bruno a big head. Wait, correct that! I don't want to give him a bigger head. But he did manage to show off some other skills I was unaware of and these I did document.

For instance, he decided to show off his awesome water-jowls skill:

He also decided to show off his amazing water-ears skill:

"Yeah, I pretty much have
like tons of skills, " informs Bruno.

"Uh oh," says Carmela.
Gino's trying to show off his stick skills."

"Get ready for a
testosterone-filled challenge," warns Carmela.

"That's right!" exclaims Gino.
"I have mad stick skills!"

"Acknowledge my mad stick skills, Bruno!"
demands Gino.

"He's still behind me isn't he?" asks Bruno.

LOOK AT MY STICK!" screams Gino.

"Oh, Lord.
Now Bruno's really done it.
You better have your camera ready, Ma!"

What the?! Is that a submarine? A snorkeler?

"Nah, it's just Gino showing off," explains Vinnie.

Oct 15, 2009

Taking The Blame

Get your curly-tailed ass
over here, now!" demands Carmela.

"Huh? Whatcha want?" asks Vinnie.
"Look deep into my eyes..." instructs Carmela.

"Ow! What are you doing?!
My brain hurts!
mumbles Vinnie.

"Good! Now, listen to me!
When Ma comes into the kitchen,
you're going to tell her that it was YOU who
ate holes in her underwear.
Got that?
It was YOU."

"Shoot! Here she comes!
I better unhypnotize you quickly!
Abracadraba, Shama-lama-ding-dong, Shazzam!!"

"Now go!"

"Oh, hi!
Um, I was supposed to tell you something.
Dang it, what was it?
Oh yeah, um, I totally, like, baked your underwear.
Yeah, it was me that baked your underwear."

Oct 10, 2009

The Polls Are Open!

Sometimes it's hard to me to get a gauge on what our readers like to see. I know we have an eclectic mix of breeds making up The Dogfathers, so surely we must have breed lovers reading our blog.

Here's your chance to dominate the air waves for a month. Could you kindly please take the poll on the right hand of the blog?

The winning member of The Dogfathers will be showcased for an entire month. This gives me ample opportunity to make sure the readers are getting exactly what they want. ;-) And, because I'm nice, the poll is set up so that you can vote for more than one Mafioso. I have a feeling it might be hard for some of our readers to pick more than one. :-)

But mostly, I'm hoping Bruno wins. This gives me guaranteed torture time with Bruno and the camera.

So who would you like to see showcased?

More Bruno?

More Vinnie?

More Gino?

More Carmela?
(If she wins, I need to go out and get me a Kevlar vest
and face shield, so vote wisely!)

Cast your vote! The poll ends in a week, so make your choice heard! Thank you!

Oct 8, 2009

Find Walda

Bonus points for those that can
find the Chihuahua

in the picture below:

Oct 6, 2009

Turn It Up!

"Brrr! Turn up the heat in here!
Don't you dare tell me to go put on a sweater!"

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