Oct 27, 2009

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

The poll has closed and the tribe has spoken:

Bruno is the winner!

But, as with any contest, there is always a loser. In this case, a very sore loser.

"Hmph! I demand a recount!"

Sorry, Carmela! That's what the readers decided. Maybe you'll win next time?

I hope the readers like pictures that look like this . . .

"Because that's what you end up with
when your head is too big
to fit into the camera frame!"

Carmela, be nice. Take your loss gracefully.

"But how can the readers want to see more FLH?!
It's unheard of!
Look, his paw barely fits in the frame! It's disgusting!
I, however, fit perfectly in the frame. . ."

"She's right, Ma.
My FLH is never gonna fit in the frame. . ."

What?! Oh, Bruno! The readers want you! We'll make it work! Now stand up and lemme take your picture. I'll show you that it's possible!

"Should I say 'Cheese' ?"

See, I told you!
His head didn't fit in the frame!
Look, I'm standing up and
I still fit in the frame!"

Ok, that's enough Carmela. The readers wanted Bruno and so the readers shall get Bruno. I'll just have to change lenses to accommodate Bruno's, um, larger magnitude.

See, totally possible!

Hope you manage to show the 'magnitude' of
your FLH, Bruno!"

"Sniff, sniff.
The poll was rigged.
I just know it was!"

Readers, enjoy an entire month of Bruno! I hope I don't disappoint.

And don't worry about Carmela. She'll get over it soon enough.


  1. Awwwwwww poor Carmela. It's ok, you're the only girl dog so you're special in your own right!!

  2. Wow, Carmela really has that "Bugs Bunny Crying Penguin" look down pat ...

  3. Sorry Carmela! I voted for you!

  4. hey Carmela, i voted for you too......how could i not?????

    hmmmm, let's do some investigating tonight when they are all asleep as i think you may be right.......i think these hoomans can't understand and therefore are weary of us.

    i think, no i smell that there's something fishy about the votes too.....quite sure it was rigged. you know, not many hoomans can stand our guts.....eh, our personalities

    we must stick together and meanwhile, just go along with your mumster as whatever you intend to do now, it's not going to change. whenever Bruno posts, pls ensure i see your face somewhere in the pics, ok????


  5. Poor Carmela!!! I'm sorry you didn't win =( Is there any way you can find it in your heart to support Bruno in his single moment of glory?

    I didn't think so... Try not to hurt him to badly.


  6. I smell vote rigging!!!
    Poor Carmela. I made sure my Mum voted for you.
    Steve E

  7. Carmela, I think that this may be also called discrimination!!! Call your congressman!


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