Oct 10, 2009

The Polls Are Open!

Sometimes it's hard to me to get a gauge on what our readers like to see. I know we have an eclectic mix of breeds making up The Dogfathers, so surely we must have breed lovers reading our blog.

Here's your chance to dominate the air waves for a month. Could you kindly please take the poll on the right hand of the blog?

The winning member of The Dogfathers will be showcased for an entire month. This gives me ample opportunity to make sure the readers are getting exactly what they want. ;-) And, because I'm nice, the poll is set up so that you can vote for more than one Mafioso. I have a feeling it might be hard for some of our readers to pick more than one. :-)

But mostly, I'm hoping Bruno wins. This gives me guaranteed torture time with Bruno and the camera.

So who would you like to see showcased?

More Bruno?

More Vinnie?

More Gino?

More Carmela?
(If she wins, I need to go out and get me a Kevlar vest
and face shield, so vote wisely!)

Cast your vote! The poll ends in a week, so make your choice heard! Thank you!


  1. I like the ensemble approach myself! ;-)

  2. What??? There's no where to vote for Molly and Maggie!!! You tell those girls their biggest fan didn't forget about them! ;)

  3. Hi there! I just found your blog from Walter the Pug's blog. All of the dogfathers are adorable (well, see, I grew up with a chihuahua that hated me and loved my mom) and I cast my vote! :)

  4. We voted. We love all of them, but since we are pugs, we are a bit partial :)

    Pugs & Kisses

    Yoda & Brutus

  5. Of course I HAD to vote for my girl Carmela.

  6. they all play so well off of each other!! how can we pick just one =)


  7. The picture of Carmela is fantastic! Our two chis do that- we call it "bipedal pony." We have lots of stupid names for things :)

  8. I like seeing them all interact together. I like the funny expressions you catch them doing :) Part of the reason the blog is so funny at times is simply because of how they are together- the size differences like Carmela and Bruno, Gino's crazy big eyes and Vinnie always seems to have a silly look on his face. I love them all, so keep doing what you're doing!

  9. Bruno! Bruno! Bruno! (But love them all!)

  10. Well it looks as if Carmela is working the crowd....

  11. More Vinnie! Always more Vinnie!!!!!

  12. Does the vote close?

    I love to see them all interact to each other.
    It's too hard to say one.
    I love them all.


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