Oct 20, 2009


The Mafiosos took one last outing to the river before the weather gets too chilly and makes water activities impossible.

While in the water, Bruno showed off his awesome stick fetching skills. I didn't post any pictures of said display because, well, I don't want to give Bruno a big head. Wait, correct that! I don't want to give him a bigger head. But he did manage to show off some other skills I was unaware of and these I did document.

For instance, he decided to show off his awesome water-jowls skill:

He also decided to show off his amazing water-ears skill:

"Yeah, I pretty much have
like tons of skills, " informs Bruno.

"Uh oh," says Carmela.
Gino's trying to show off his stick skills."

"Get ready for a
testosterone-filled challenge," warns Carmela.

"That's right!" exclaims Gino.
"I have mad stick skills!"

"Acknowledge my mad stick skills, Bruno!"
demands Gino.

"He's still behind me isn't he?" asks Bruno.

LOOK AT MY STICK!" screams Gino.

"Oh, Lord.
Now Bruno's really done it.
You better have your camera ready, Ma!"

What the?! Is that a submarine? A snorkeler?

"Nah, it's just Gino showing off," explains Vinnie.


  1. Those are some mad skills from both Bruno and Gino!! THose are some talented dogss =)


  2. What the heck Gino!!! that's amazing :)

  3. GINO, Super Pug.

  4. Hahahaha!! LOVED it! (Jaws theme is now playing in my head. . . )

  5. Love it these last couple of posts have me rolling! Go Gino!


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