Jan 27, 2010

Chihuahua Killing Machine

Carmela showed me this week that she has a penchant for eviscerating stuffed animals. She normally just likes to fetch them, but this week, she went to town performing a disembowelment surgery. It must the rain; it's been raining non-stop over in our neck of the woods and The Mafiosos are stir crazy.

"Whatchoo call me?
A 'pipsqueak'?

"I'm gonna get every last piece
of guts you have out.
That's a promise!"

"Unlike the stinky boys,
I have a snout I can use to
make the job easier!"

"Wait! Give it back!
I'm not done yet!"

"Are you deaf?!"

"He's still wearing a silly hat!
I have to chew his hat off!"

"I have an alibi.
And I'd like my lawyer, please."

And a little something for the Bruno fans...

This is what he looks like after a brave attempt to take The Mafiosos out during a break in the rain:

Quit proud of himself, isn't he? He seems to think the mud makes his eyes brighter, and as my friend Kelly noted, his curls much bouncier! Silly Bruno.

Jan 20, 2010

Secret Agent Chi

Bruno? Have you seen Carmela anywhere? I can't seem to find her. . .

"Seriously? You can't see
that she's. . ." begins Bruno.

"BRUNO! Do I need to remind you what
happened to the last dog who
ratted me out?" threatens Carmela.

"He was never heard from again!!
Get my drift, meathead?"

:stress yawn:

"Uh, no Ma. . . I haven't seen her.
But if I run into her, I'll tell
her that you're looking for her."

Jan 13, 2010

Lazy New Year: 2010

I thought perhaps The Mafiosos would be excited about it being 2010. Surely a new year is something to get excited about, right?

"Yeah, whatever.
Wake me when it's over," says Carmela.

Bruno? How about you? I'm pretty sure you must be excited that we have an entire year ahead of us!

"Zzzzzzzzz . . . "

Ok . . . two out of four would say that there's nothing exciting about it being the year 2010. I'm starting to feel alone over here! The Pugs have to be excited. They get excited over anything. They'll definitely be on my side.


I guess if Vinnie can't be bothered to notice there's a Chihuahua on his head, then I suppose he can't be terribly excited over it being a new year.

"Ma, could you scram?
You're totally interrupting my yawn over here!"

Jan 6, 2010

A New Year!

I think Carmela might have found my bottle of New Year's Eve Cristal and helped herself...

"That bubbly was good!"

"Tee hee!"

But she paid the price for imbibing...

"Will someone quit spinning the room?!"

I think it's a safe bet she'll be sleeping until next year. ;-)

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