Jan 27, 2010

Chihuahua Killing Machine

Carmela showed me this week that she has a penchant for eviscerating stuffed animals. She normally just likes to fetch them, but this week, she went to town performing a disembowelment surgery. It must the rain; it's been raining non-stop over in our neck of the woods and The Mafiosos are stir crazy.

"Whatchoo call me?
A 'pipsqueak'?

"I'm gonna get every last piece
of guts you have out.
That's a promise!"

"Unlike the stinky boys,
I have a snout I can use to
make the job easier!"

"Wait! Give it back!
I'm not done yet!"

"Are you deaf?!"

"He's still wearing a silly hat!
I have to chew his hat off!"

"I have an alibi.
And I'd like my lawyer, please."

And a little something for the Bruno fans...

This is what he looks like after a brave attempt to take The Mafiosos out during a break in the rain:

Quit proud of himself, isn't he? He seems to think the mud makes his eyes brighter, and as my friend Kelly noted, his curls much bouncier! Silly Bruno.


  1. Wha? You think because Carmella is little she's not tough? Heh, heh. You got a lot ta learn.

  2. Way to go Carmella - That stuffie never stood a chance! We like to pull the stuffing out too, but mom and dad always take our stuffies away once we get a hole in them :(

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

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