Jan 20, 2010

Secret Agent Chi

Bruno? Have you seen Carmela anywhere? I can't seem to find her. . .

"Seriously? You can't see
that she's. . ." begins Bruno.

"BRUNO! Do I need to remind you what
happened to the last dog who
ratted me out?" threatens Carmela.

"He was never heard from again!!
Get my drift, meathead?"

:stress yawn:

"Uh, no Ma. . . I haven't seen her.
But if I run into her, I'll tell
her that you're looking for her."


  1. OMG! IS that the cutest thing I have ever seen! Carmela needs a trenchcoat to complete the secret agent look though.

  2. HA! We see who's in charge in that house. You're a cutie Carmela, but we thinks Bruno is the big softie...


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