Feb 26, 2009

Crash Landing!

My computer crashed last weekend thanks to Window's Service Pack 3.


I lost everything. And I mean everything. Pictures, documents, and my percious iTunes collection...you name it and it's gone. My computer tried to update and install Service Pack 3 last weekend and it caused my computer to be stuck in reboot limbo. In an effort to stick it to Windows, I went out and got myself a trusty Mac. I have to say, so far, the Mac kicks ass. Everything installed smoothly--from printers to routers. I didn't have to do a damn thing. The Mac recognized all of these peripherals instantly and independently. No error messages, no messages about needing to download drivers...it's heaven!

Because I lost all of my pictures (a.k.a. several weeks worth of blog posts), it might be a few weeks before I can make up for lost time. I just wanted to give all of you readers a heads up as to why there might be some inactivity for a few weeks on the Canine Mafia's blog.

How To Entertain A Dummy

"Arg! Why won't this cone come out?!"

"$%^#&@ Cone!!"

"Is this thing held on with Super Glue??"

"Come on!!!"

I just want this cone to come out!"

"Here we go! Come to Daddy, Cone!"

"And the score is:
Bruno: 1 Cone: 0.

More on how this cone came about in the next episode...

Feb 22, 2009

A Helping Paw!

Your dog can help in the research of canine diseases specific to their breed.

Bruno's doing his part by submitting a simple cheek swab because his breed pool size is very limited (only 8 so far!). The Pugs are demanding thirty cookies each before I take any cells from them, and I'm not giving in. We're still in negotiations. Carmela laughed at me and walked away.

Maggie thanks you for helping!
Really, I promise, this is her happy face! :-)

Feb 19, 2009

You Cannot Resist

"Hey! Where did you go?!"

"Oh! There you are!"

"Do you want to play with me and Mr. Rhino?
Come on! I know you do!"

"We won't hurt him...too much!
We'll just nibble on his leg!"

"Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom!"

Feb 17, 2009

Murder Mystery

"Well, today seems like a boring day.
I wish something exciting would happen."

"OMG! Did you hear that?!
It sounded like a scream!"

"A dead squirrel!!"

I can verify, as a solid character witness, that The Mafiosos were not involved in the death of this poor squirrel. They happen to be in the vicinity when the poor squirrel passed on to acorn heaven.

Nevertheless, we're still calling our lawyer just in case...I'm just sayin'.

Feb 12, 2009

Take A Walk On The Wild Side...

The Mafiosos were recommend an excellent park to visit by their cousins Bison & Lindsay. A park where apparently horse, goat, pig, duck and goose poop are abound and plenty! A world of animal poop?! Why, that's a dream come true for The Mafiosos!

"Speed it, buster!"

But alas, once we arrived, it seemed the stars were not in our favor. For one, the glorious poop was all enclosed.

"So you're saying this no way
I can access your poop, huh?"

"Excuse me! Any way you could maybe
shove some of your poop through
this fence here for my brother and I?"

"Alright, how about you at least
let me lick your lips then??"

The Mafiosos were thoroughly disappointed about the poop issue. And then, my camera's battery died! But not before I was able to catch this incident...

"Um, excuse me, do you know where we could find some chickens?
Preferably, the Kentucky Fried Chicken kind?"

Feb 10, 2009

Raw Ramblings

They cats are now fully switched to 100% raw food. Gone is the kibble and free feeding. In its place is fresh, raw food served daily.

This helps me keep tabs on Blue; I can make sure she eats at all times and prevent a reoccurrance of the Fatty Liver Disease she experienced this past October.

It took me about forever and a day to make the switch, but, now that we have, I can't seem to comprehend why I didn't do this sooner. My two old ladies are acting like kittens again and their dandruff has completely gone away. While I am appreciate of these two things, I am not appreciative of the following:

Oh, I am sure to the naive person, this may just look like an innocent kitty hanging near its master. But no! That is not the case! That is Maggie stalking me, waiting for my eyes to open a tiny sliver to begin this...


You can try to tune her out. But that will only cause her to move closer and try her mind take-over skills.

"You will get up and

"Dammit, I need to focus.
She's obviously not getting up quick enough."

Eventually, Maggie will park herself millimeters away from me and stare at me (in combination with yelling at me) to get my ass up out of bed and feed her breakfast.

"Food. In my mouth. Now."

Molly is at least more patient. She just excepts room service when breakfast is served.

Honestly, all it takes if for one certain cat to start staring. The minute Blue starts starting at me, I hustle my tuckus out of bed as fast as I can.

"I'm giving you two minutes to serve my breakfast
before I give you free plastic surgery
on your face with my claws."

But all the staring (and threats from Blue) are worth it when I see the end results. Glowing coats, minimal wastes in the litter box and teeth slowly returning to the color white. :-)

Feb 8, 2009

We Are Not Your Average Family

We are not your average family. Instead of rawhide and chew bones, The Canine Mafia gets turkey feet. This post is not for the faint of heart.

I have a coworker that raises turkeys and chickens on her farm. These are glorious turkeys and chickens that live free range.

I gathered up courage one day to ask her what she does with all of the "yucky bits" when she slaughters them. My eyes nearly popped out when she told me she just throws them away. Thanks to her, my crew now enjoys hearts, gizzards, necks and feet from these free-range turkeys and chicken.

Now, I'm a city gal through and through. I had no idea I would be receiving intact turkey feet all the way up the knees.

Wait, do turkeys even have knees?!

Either way, the feet are here. When I saw how big they were, I knew immediately who to take pictures of trying to eat these feet...

"So this thing is waaaaay bigger than me,
but I'll figure out to get it into my belly!"

"Are you going to finish that?" asks Bruno.
"I can so totally help you finish that if..."

"Back off, meat head!" shouts Carmela.
"I have no problems tackling this thing!"

No problems, huh?

"Hold it right there, Ma," says Carmela.
"That angle is perfect. Keep still!"

"Nom! Nom!"

"Open up and say 'Ahhhhh!' "

She did tackle the turkey foot like a pro. Actually, she surprised me!

"Maybe I should start from this end."

"Dang it, this thing is huge!
I'm barely making a dent in it!"

"Hey, Ma! Check me out!
I'm going spear you and your camera
with my turkey foot!"

"Ha ha! You thought I was
going to spear your camera!"

"Ma, does chewing on this make me
look really vicious?"

No. You're still only three pounds and classified as a meaningless threat. What we call an annoying little ankle biter.

"Hows about now??"

So, we're a little weird here over at Casa de Dogfathers in terms of what we classify as awesome chewies. But you have admit, it does provide comedic relief!

"Who you calling weird?"

Feb 5, 2009

The Taxman

I'm almost done with our taxes...
if only I could remember where I put our W-K9 form.

What's a W-K9 form you ask?

Click the image below to find out!

Princess Blue

I bought Blue a new collar. The message is fitting, isn't it?

What do you all think?

Feb 3, 2009

Making Up For Lost Time

I walked into the office to see a crime in progress.

I guess she's making up for lost time?!
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