Feb 5, 2009

The Taxman

I'm almost done with our taxes...
if only I could remember where I put our W-K9 form.

What's a W-K9 form you ask?

Click the image below to find out!


  1. Hahah...where did you find that form? It's perfect!

    btw, what a neat idea to translate this blog. I translated it to Spanish and found myself laughing like "jajajajaja" instead of the usual "hahahahaha". Thanks for changing it up. :) I'm impressed with the translation, too!


  2. I sooooo wish we could deduct the furniture that Dennis destroyed. It would save us a fortune on our taxes.

  3. Hey mom has never filed this before! I better let her know!

  4. My minion has not filed this very important tax-related document. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!

    -Miss Mina

    Egad, that is super cute!

    -the minion


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