Feb 8, 2009

We Are Not Your Average Family

We are not your average family. Instead of rawhide and chew bones, The Canine Mafia gets turkey feet. This post is not for the faint of heart.

I have a coworker that raises turkeys and chickens on her farm. These are glorious turkeys and chickens that live free range.

I gathered up courage one day to ask her what she does with all of the "yucky bits" when she slaughters them. My eyes nearly popped out when she told me she just throws them away. Thanks to her, my crew now enjoys hearts, gizzards, necks and feet from these free-range turkeys and chicken.

Now, I'm a city gal through and through. I had no idea I would be receiving intact turkey feet all the way up the knees.

Wait, do turkeys even have knees?!

Either way, the feet are here. When I saw how big they were, I knew immediately who to take pictures of trying to eat these feet...

"So this thing is waaaaay bigger than me,
but I'll figure out to get it into my belly!"

"Are you going to finish that?" asks Bruno.
"I can so totally help you finish that if..."

"Back off, meat head!" shouts Carmela.
"I have no problems tackling this thing!"

No problems, huh?

"Hold it right there, Ma," says Carmela.
"That angle is perfect. Keep still!"

"Nom! Nom!"

"Open up and say 'Ahhhhh!' "

She did tackle the turkey foot like a pro. Actually, she surprised me!

"Maybe I should start from this end."

"Dang it, this thing is huge!
I'm barely making a dent in it!"

"Hey, Ma! Check me out!
I'm going spear you and your camera
with my turkey foot!"

"Ha ha! You thought I was
going to spear your camera!"

"Ma, does chewing on this make me
look really vicious?"

No. You're still only three pounds and classified as a meaningless threat. What we call an annoying little ankle biter.

"Hows about now??"

So, we're a little weird here over at Casa de Dogfathers in terms of what we classify as awesome chewies. But you have admit, it does provide comedic relief!

"Who you calling weird?"


  1. OMG..that is the funnist post. I love the pics of that little imp. I was laughing the whole time:)

  2. I think my wife would love to get her hands on some turkey feet for our guys!

  3. Carmela, you made a mighty effort with that big foot!

  4. Susan/cookiemonsterFebruary 9, 2009 at 1:32 PM

    that is disgusting!! did bruno ever get a foot of his own? when PAA fostered those 3 black GSDs, she would toss chicken feet to them for fun...she said the carnage was horriffic! :)

  5. Hey Carmela, that turkey foot is bigger than you!

  6. Hahahaha! This is the best post ever! I love that Carmela has no idea she is tiny, she fits in so perfect with your crew! :)


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