Feb 12, 2009

Take A Walk On The Wild Side...

The Mafiosos were recommend an excellent park to visit by their cousins Bison & Lindsay. A park where apparently horse, goat, pig, duck and goose poop are abound and plenty! A world of animal poop?! Why, that's a dream come true for The Mafiosos!

"Speed it, buster!"

But alas, once we arrived, it seemed the stars were not in our favor. For one, the glorious poop was all enclosed.

"So you're saying this no way
I can access your poop, huh?"

"Excuse me! Any way you could maybe
shove some of your poop through
this fence here for my brother and I?"

"Alright, how about you at least
let me lick your lips then??"

The Mafiosos were thoroughly disappointed about the poop issue. And then, my camera's battery died! But not before I was able to catch this incident...

"Um, excuse me, do you know where we could find some chickens?
Preferably, the Kentucky Fried Chicken kind?"


  1. LOL..I live on a farm so my gang slips out and grabs or rolls all the poop they can! The hairless loves to roll in horse poop.


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