Feb 10, 2009

Raw Ramblings

They cats are now fully switched to 100% raw food. Gone is the kibble and free feeding. In its place is fresh, raw food served daily.

This helps me keep tabs on Blue; I can make sure she eats at all times and prevent a reoccurrance of the Fatty Liver Disease she experienced this past October.

It took me about forever and a day to make the switch, but, now that we have, I can't seem to comprehend why I didn't do this sooner. My two old ladies are acting like kittens again and their dandruff has completely gone away. While I am appreciate of these two things, I am not appreciative of the following:

Oh, I am sure to the naive person, this may just look like an innocent kitty hanging near its master. But no! That is not the case! That is Maggie stalking me, waiting for my eyes to open a tiny sliver to begin this...


You can try to tune her out. But that will only cause her to move closer and try her mind take-over skills.

"You will get up and

"Dammit, I need to focus.
She's obviously not getting up quick enough."

Eventually, Maggie will park herself millimeters away from me and stare at me (in combination with yelling at me) to get my ass up out of bed and feed her breakfast.

"Food. In my mouth. Now."

Molly is at least more patient. She just excepts room service when breakfast is served.

Honestly, all it takes if for one certain cat to start staring. The minute Blue starts starting at me, I hustle my tuckus out of bed as fast as I can.

"I'm giving you two minutes to serve my breakfast
before I give you free plastic surgery
on your face with my claws."

But all the staring (and threats from Blue) are worth it when I see the end results. Glowing coats, minimal wastes in the litter box and teeth slowly returning to the color white. :-)


  1. Must be alot of work to prepare all thos meals!

  2. Our dogs are completely on raw food now. We haven't quite moved the 18-year-old kitty over yet -- soon, though!

  3. Interesting. I have to read up on the raw diet for the dogs, I wonder if it would help my old man sprocket out. Can you suggest any links for reading?


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