Feb 26, 2009

Crash Landing!

My computer crashed last weekend thanks to Window's Service Pack 3.


I lost everything. And I mean everything. Pictures, documents, and my percious iTunes collection...you name it and it's gone. My computer tried to update and install Service Pack 3 last weekend and it caused my computer to be stuck in reboot limbo. In an effort to stick it to Windows, I went out and got myself a trusty Mac. I have to say, so far, the Mac kicks ass. Everything installed smoothly--from printers to routers. I didn't have to do a damn thing. The Mac recognized all of these peripherals instantly and independently. No error messages, no messages about needing to download drivers...it's heaven!

Because I lost all of my pictures (a.k.a. several weeks worth of blog posts), it might be a few weeks before I can make up for lost time. I just wanted to give all of you readers a heads up as to why there might be some inactivity for a few weeks on the Canine Mafia's blog.


  1. My computer did the exact same thing. Thank goodness I've got an IT dept I could send it to as no $ for Mac darn it.

    Hope to see you soon. Love the site and the pups.

  2. Oh no! I am going to miss my installments of mafioso entertainment! I, too, have lost lots of stuff in computer limboland. Sux!

  3. Oh, poo! That's why I love my external hard drive...gotta keep my iTunes and pics backed up somewhere!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Mac!

  4. Ah, Windows ... the only ones in our house are the ones you look through.

    Hope everything is back to better-than-normal soon!

  5. That's awful! We are going to miss your posts, we look for them daily and enjoy them lots!

  6. It's safe to say that an external hard drive is next on my list. No excuse now not to get one! Boy did I ever learn my lesson...

    Part of the reason I can't make any new posts (besides the ones I have scheduled to post in this coming week) is that I don't have a card reader for my camera's memory card. My PC had an internal card reader and my new mac does not. I'm waiting for a USB card reader to come in the mail. :-) Then, I'll be back in action!

  7. Use the cable that came with the camera. It connects directly from your camera to any usb. I use it for the laptop.


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