Nov 30, 2007

An Oldie For the Masses

Oy vey!

I am sorry to not be keeping up with the Mafioso adventures.

Ryan has been working non-stop overtime and I think I'm about to put his picture on a milk carton;I haven't seen him in days!

A many of you know, I recently landed a new job. This means my hours have changed. I no longer work the 4/10 shifts and am back to the M-F, 9-5 grind. So in essence, I only have Sundays off due to dog training on Saturdays. Bare with me while I adjust to the new schedule!

I promise to be back in action soon...and if I play my cards right, with a new camera! I am praying that Santa hopefully brings me a SLR this year!

Without further adieu...

The North Folk American River Adventure!

Today's Mission: Conquer the North Folk American River:

"Come on in! The water's just right!"
(Well, at the time it was!)

"No! We need to guard the rocky shores..."

"And the sand basin..."

"We cannot succumb to the waters!
We have a duty to uphold as the Fun Police!"

"Cannot. Be. Tempted. By. The. Water. Must resist!"

"Screw it! Let's have some fun!"

"OOooh! This water is so refreshing!"

"I think I'll go for a little swim..."

"Me too!"

"Ha! Ha! Bruno is so dumb!
He thinks he can breathe underwater!"

"Vinnie's right. You are REALLY dumb."

"I'm not dumb, right Ma?"

"Scroll all the way to see me conquering the river!"

"We are so tired. It's not easy being the Fun Police!"

Nov 25, 2007

Me and My Girlfriend...

"I'd like to go see my girlfriend Megan please."

"You do know how to get there, right?
This doesn't seem to be the right way."

"Maybe you better tell the computer thingy
how to get to my girlfriend's house."

"We made it! Ring the doorbell please!"

"Megan, my love! I'm here! Open the door!"

"Are you sure you come to visit me?" asks Megan

"What is the boy you brought with you doing?"

"He's moving stuff around!
I don't like this one bit!"

"Can you please ask that boy you brought to
stop making such a ruckus?!"

So that's what "That Boy" is moving!
A Jet Ski!

"It's much safer here, Vinnie," explains Megan.

Ma follows Daddy in case the Jet Ski flies off.

"Wtf is this?" ask Bruno.
"It's freaking me out!"

"It tastes funny!"

"It's my new Jet Ski," informs Gino

"Only Pugs are allowed to ride it.

Nov 24, 2007

Who Would've Thunk?

Gino fetches! Having been with us for almost seven months,
Gino showed me today that he likes to fetch.

The things I learn about this black pug!
Mind boggling!

"I'm so excited to finally share my secret with you!"

"Don't let my smooshed face fool you!
I pack some serious jaw power!
See! I broked the toy with my mad jaw power!"

I'm telling ya, he fetches!

Seriously folks, I haven't been this excited since
Starbucks brought back the Egg Nog Latte!

And it so doesn't help that he happens to look
absolutely fracking adorable while fetching!

The Mafia Receives Mail!

"It's OK!" Bruno tells the Fun Police.
"I don't think it's a bomb. It's the the felt Vinds was nice enough to send to Ma!"


"I better dine al fresco!"

"All mine! The box is ALL MINE!!"

"Have you lost your effing mind?!" shouts Gino.
"Who the hell eats carboard?"

"I'll start on this corner..."

"Screw it! I'm going full force into it!"

"No cookies in here, right?"

"I love it! Thank you Vinds!"

"Vinds, you send the best boxes EVER! Thank you!"

Thanks for the felt Vinds!

made sure that Bruno didn't harm it while "helping" me open the package.

The Mafia are sending Romeo and Rocky payment!

Bruno's Brain

Last week, I did it.

I lugged that huge 40 gallon fish tank
from the garage back into the family room.

After much sweat and almost losing a toe (PSA: It's not a good idea to wear flip flops when moving large pieces of furniture and acrylic fish tanks!), the big beast is now cycling.

In a few weeks we can finally add aquatic life.

And those of you who know Bruno in real life
know that anything new REALLY freaks him out.

So you can only imagine how well this went with him...

"Care to explain what this is?
And why did you have to put it next to my bed?"

All in all, Big Man did better than I thought he would!
A few "Touch" commands and some pieces of cheese later, he was
OK with the aquarium.

"Alright well, it's not completely freaking me out,
so I guess it can stay."

I asked around as to what kind of fish Ryan and I
should put in the aquarium this time around.

When we lived in the apartment, we had saltwater fish.

While marine fish were really beautiful,
they weren't exactly nice to our wallet

and it took a lot of maintenance.

Tiffany pointed out to me why the solution wasn't as obvious to me as it is to Bruno...

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