Nov 11, 2007

Fun at Skool

"You always bring that camera with you, don't ya?
I'd wish you wouldn't.
It's quite embarassing."

"We have lots of friends at school...
Gigi and Trigger keep us company while Ma
packs all of our stuff up to go home.
GiGi and Trigger also wear clothes for some reason.
We'd much rather prefer to go naked!"

Gigi's got it right...sitting for pictures suck!
She's outta here!

Come on, Trig!
Move a little bit closer to Vinnie for the picture.
He won't bite!

"Are you kidding me?" asks Trigger.
"He smells kind of funny."

"Alright, I'll do it for a cookie," declares Trigger.
"Holy!" exclaims Vinnie. "I think you better lay
off them cookies! You're squishing me!"

The final outcome!

1 comment:

  1. SO Cute! I love that Gino gets to go to school with you and Vinnie! He looks like an A+ student!!


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