Oct 29, 2007

How To Piss Gino Off 101

"Oh, hi!" says Bruno.

"Want to see something funny?
Check out how quickly I can piss Gino off!"

"What the hell is he talking about?" asks Gino.

"You couldn't make me mad even if you tried!" exclaims Gino.

"Here we go!" shouts Bruno.

"Stop that! Stop running with that stick!" shouts Gino.

"Knock it off! No jumping! Ma said it's bad for your hips!"

"Stop chewing on that stick!
Ma said that's why you have no teeth left! STOP IT!"

"Told you it was easy to make hi mad!" says Bruno.

"I really dislike Bruno even more now."

"I'll get him back. You'll see!"

And because I've been really bad with new Mafioso adventures,
here is a gratuitous Mafia shot for you.

And for the Vinnie fans...
some Vinnie Tongue!

And Gino would like the last word before I end this entry...

"For the record, Bruno didn't really piss me off.
I was already grumpy to begin with!" explains Gino.


  1. Bruno, that little brat! Abusing and mocking the skills of the fun police! Shame shame!

  2. wow - Gino really takes his job as the fun police seriously :) too cute...


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