Oct 13, 2007

Buon Compleanno, Vinnie!

On Oct. 13, 2004, Mr. Vinnie Williams came into the world. Just having acquired Bruno a month earlier, I had no idea what to do with two puppies. It was madness and fun times all at once.

I love my V-Man. He
took the back burner when Bruno injured his hip. He was very patient and understood why Bruno needed the attention. He was also quick to step up to the plate when I needed a demo dog for my obedience class due to Bruno’s early retirement.
He was there for me when I needed him the most.

I must say, the
most important lesson Vinnie has taught me is to not be so serious.
Life is about laughter and not about worries. The minute I look at him, he does something that erupts a giggle from me.

I can always count on Vinnie to remind me that it takes more energy to be angry than it does to be silly. Here’s to many more silly years together my smooshy Pug-bug!


I see you! I see you looking at all my Birthday Toys!

Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen...hang on,
I'm counting to see if Bruno
got more toys on his birthday than me!

So, what's in here? Anything cool?

Are there any cookies? Or cheeseburgers?

Oh, I do love this one toy!

Mr. Ducky! You are my favorite!

We shall celebrate many birthdays together, Mr. Ducky!

But I am also liking Mr. Bear...decisions, decisions!

I hope that next year, I get twice as many toys!

And as usual, there can never be a Mafia
gathering without some sort of violence erupting.



  1. YAY! Happy Birthday mr. V man! you are so devastatingly handsome. I want to smoosh you and squish you and bathe you in kisses!! I wish you the happiest of all days!

  2. omg - I missed his bday? what a cutie... he's spoiled like crazy... looks like he loves his toys :)


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