Oct 21, 2007

The Cats Do Speak Their Minds...

"Seriously, can you explain to me one more time why
you thought it was a good idea to bring
THREE dogs into my home?" asks Maggie

"Because they are cute and cuddly you say?
HA! Boy were you ever fooled!"

Blue says "I think this is the first time I have ever agreed with Maggie!"

"Great...here they come."

"I hope they don't see me here."

"Um, Ma said that no animals were allowed on the couches," explains Bruno.

"Huh? What do you mean you're not an 'animal'?"

"Actually," interrupts Gino,
"I think the rule is that only black animals are allowed on the couches."

"Whaddya mean that's not the rule?
And whaddya mean I can't stay up on the couch?!"


  1. Molly and Vinnie are shunned!

    I love the pictures of Gino, but I am quite biased!

  2. haha - love how the cats think they're not "animals"... your pets are too cute, cabrona!


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