Oct 5, 2007

Fun Without Ma!

While I slave the day away in the laboratory,
Ryan decided to take the boys on a "Boys Only" trip.

Vinnie looks a little bit too damn excited to be without me!

At least Gino was a little bit worried.
"Are you sure Ma wasn't going to meet us here?"

"Ma ain't here, dummy" says Bruno.
"Come on! Let's have some fun!"

"Daddy," says Bruno "I really like these 'Boys Only' trips!"

Alright Bruno, it would appear that you are enjoying my
absence just a little bit too much!
At least one Pug is still looking for me. . .

"Come on! Let's get wild! It's just us boys"

"We can make funny faces to our hearts galore!"

"I have a big stick!"

"NO! I HAVE A BIG STICK!" shouts crazy-with-fury Gino!

"Uh oh...you're not thinking of doing
what I think you're thinking of doing!" shouts Gino

"Yep!" answers Bruno

"I'm going Rock Diving!"

"Oh man, this is just way too much fun!
Ma never lets me get this dirty when we go out together!"

"New Daddy, it was kind of fun without Ma!"

"Wait don't tell her I said that!
Here, I'll practice my
'We Missed You So Much, Momma!'
face for when she gets home!"

1 comment:

  1. OMG! Gino looks so emaciated and sad in that last picture!!! poor guy, he missed you so much he's starting to NOT EAT LIKE YOU!!!! you must send him back over to me so that I can fatten him up!

    Looks like the boys had a great time, er, I mean, looks like they missed you terribly!


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