Oct 7, 2007

How The Mafia Spends Sundays . . .

I was attacked this morning by a big, white bear in the yard.

Oh, no, wait. That's just Bruno trying to get me to play with his new toy!

"Please, won't you play with me?" begs Bruno

I'm a sucker, what can I say?

"Um, I think I'll just wait until Dad gets home.
You, um, are kind of a weakling with this tug thing."

Then Gino started an argument.
He flopped down on the floor
and proclaimed himself to be the sexiest Pug alive.

Vinnie declared war over that insane statement!

And so a Pug riot broke out. . .

Gino appears to also be the strongest Pug alive. ..

Sensing he was losing, Vinnie unleashes his secret weapon...

Guess The Mighty Wrinkles weren't so helpful!

Vinnie is this close to shouting "Uncle!"

But Gino informs him there are no taps outs in this fight!

Vinnie tries to escape!
Gino pursues to finish the battle...

Luckily, Bruno comes to Vinnie's aid.
He shouts "Everyone knows that ALL Pugs are UGLY!"

"HA! HA!" exclaims Bruno. "Pugs are ugly!"
The Pugs chase him to make him pay!

Gino tries to go for the jugular...
but fails!

"I didn't fail," explains Gino.
"At the last minute, I decided not to kill him.
I know how sad that would make you,
so I let him live."


  1. ::GASP::

    are those the fun police having.....fun? TSK TSK!!!

    I love the one of Gino taking off after a peeling out Vinnie! His face is ALWAYS serious!!

  2. what a kind heart Gino has :) to not kill Bruno... haha, that little dog has attitude ;)


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