May 26, 2009

Fishy Tales

Ryan has a fish. It's ugly. Don't tell Ryan I told you this.

Ryan's fish has a temper. He gets really upset and red in the face if you get too close.

Carmela is only a little bit bigger than Ryan's fish. Yet they both think they could kick each other's butts in a fight.

"I'll fry your up in some batter..." begins Carmela.

"I'll wrap you up in a tortilla..." fantasizes Ryan's fish.

May 21, 2009

May 19, 2009

Furry Friends

I went to go spend some time with my good friends Clio and Murphy.

Hi Clio!

Hi Murphy!

I like visiting Clio and Murphy because they are very mature.

Um, sometimes.

May 14, 2009

Beach Bums - Adventure II

Well, last week I turned the big 3-0. Yikes! What better way to feel my age than to go a long, strenuous hike with The Mafiosos? We shot off for the coast and now my calves are reminding me that I no longer a young fry! But enough about my gripping about getting old...I'll let The Mafiosos tell you all about their adventure at the coast.

We drove two hours to see the beautiful beach...

And hiked close to five miles...

But apparently, this wasn't enough for someone.


"Double sigh."

Can someone please fill me in on what the hell Vinnie is sighing so much about??

"He's upset at the lack of wildlife caca."

"I really did think there'd be tons of caca.
I haven't smelled a single one!"

"Yeah, I have admit I'm also disappointed.
I thought for sure there'd be tons
of dead seagulls around or something."

Don't despair! Look, there! On the beach! Seagull caca and a dead segull! JACKPOT!


Seriously, Vinnie. I think you might find it your life's calling to start a Zagat's guide for best areas to locate wildlife caca.

"Oooooh! Great idea!"

"HA HA!" laughs Carmela.
"A book about caca!"

"Will it have pictures?" asks Gino.

HOLY CRAP! Enough about wildlife caca you guys! Let's share with the readers what else we did...

"You mean we did something
else besides look for caca?"


"Are you sure?
Because I think all that we did was climb up
on ths rock and sat here waiting for birds to shit nearby."

"Yeah, I'll look out here for more dead seagulls.
They all seems to be in the sky for some strange reason."

A Year Ago: You Can Fry An Egg

May 13, 2009

1 out of 4 Mafiosos...

1 out of 4 Mafiosos...
Originally uploaded by ! Mary !
Will have canon butt tonight.

The culprit of this hideous potato massacre will be found! Your butt will expose you tonight, carboholic!

Anyone want to start placing bets?

May 7, 2009

Air Control!

"Don't even think about, Meathead!" threatens Gino.

"You don't have clearance!
STOP IT!" shouts Gino.

Bruno's flying without
permission again!" tattle tales Gino.

May 5, 2009

Blue 2002 ~ 2008

Thank you all for your kind words, support and prayers. It's been rough; but I get through the day knowing that Blue is in a better place void of pain.

Blue was full of attitude and fire. She taught me that you could be a bitch and still have people eating out of the palm of your hand. Blue was special like that.

Blue has a distinctive look of disdain she would reserve for me and, every now and again, the dogs. When she used to give me that look, I would tell "Please! I'm not intimidated by your sour face." But secretly, I was. I'll admit it out loud now, Blue. That look did scare me. :-)

Ryan found an old video I took of Blue where she throws that distinctive look towards Bruno. In this video, Blue was recovering from having her pelvis shattered by a car. She walks kind of funny and you can see she has a slight shuffle in her back legs. But that still didn't stop her from reminding the dogs who exactly was the boss around the house, shattered pelvis be damned.

I wanted to share this video with all of you so you could see just how special Blue was to me. And just what a butthole she was towards the dogs. :-)
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