May 14, 2009

Beach Bums - Adventure II

Well, last week I turned the big 3-0. Yikes! What better way to feel my age than to go a long, strenuous hike with The Mafiosos? We shot off for the coast and now my calves are reminding me that I no longer a young fry! But enough about my gripping about getting old...I'll let The Mafiosos tell you all about their adventure at the coast.

We drove two hours to see the beautiful beach...

And hiked close to five miles...

But apparently, this wasn't enough for someone.


"Double sigh."

Can someone please fill me in on what the hell Vinnie is sighing so much about??

"He's upset at the lack of wildlife caca."

"I really did think there'd be tons of caca.
I haven't smelled a single one!"

"Yeah, I have admit I'm also disappointed.
I thought for sure there'd be tons
of dead seagulls around or something."

Don't despair! Look, there! On the beach! Seagull caca and a dead segull! JACKPOT!


Seriously, Vinnie. I think you might find it your life's calling to start a Zagat's guide for best areas to locate wildlife caca.

"Oooooh! Great idea!"

"HA HA!" laughs Carmela.
"A book about caca!"

"Will it have pictures?" asks Gino.

HOLY CRAP! Enough about wildlife caca you guys! Let's share with the readers what else we did...

"You mean we did something
else besides look for caca?"


"Are you sure?
Because I think all that we did was climb up
on ths rock and sat here waiting for birds to shit nearby."

"Yeah, I'll look out here for more dead seagulls.
They all seems to be in the sky for some strange reason."

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  1. A day without wildlife caca is like a day without sunshines!

  2. We are jealous of your hike (but not the caca part!)

  3. What a great hike you had. Love the pictures :o)


  4. What a beautiful day! Dannan would like to pre-order an autographed copy of the Zagat guide to places with good wildlife caca.

    The Girl would like to wish Mary a very happy belated birthday!

  5. It's hilarious how many people have blogged about poop lately...i think our dogs are facing an epidemic!

  6. Happy birthday! How many stars did the zagat guide give the beach trip?

  7. The beach bums are living it up and smart to beat the heat! I like the new layout! Here's to keeping it fresh! :)

  8. Those boys and Carmela are so lucky they get to go on such amazing hikes to fun places like the beach! Love the new layout, the header is awesome!


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