Apr 13, 2008

I'd eat you first...

Today we set out to find coolness.

Um, no Bruno...not that kind of coolness!

Coolness as in snow! It was 95 degrees Farenheight outside today and The Mafiosos sought refuge from this heat. So we set out to find relief from this hot weather. We ended up hiking at Donner Pass.

We made sure to pay close attention to our path because I was deadly afraid of having to resort to cannibalism (like the original Donner Party) if we accidentally got lost. Suffice to say, everyone is still intact! It is really beautiful there...

The sceneray made it hard to believe that people resorted to cannibalism while stranded up here. Sorry, I'll stop mentioning that part. It fascinates me and I don't know why!! The best part was that the weather was just right!

"Ahhhh! Cold snow to cool my tootsies!"

Bruno did his usual...

Retrieved a few logs...

Swam in icy cold streams filled
by melting ice caps in the Sierra's...

He then ran around like a fool. He was so ecstatic to be in the snow that he didn't know what to do with himself.

And then he did his utmost favorite activity in the world: catching snowballs! He lines up with military precision in anticipation of Ryan's throws...

"The wind is blowing northeast at approximately 1 MPH.
I should move exactly 2 degrees tothe left and I'll be in perfect position..."

"Oops! Moved 1/10th of a degree to far!"


"Yes! Success again!"

"In yer face, sucka!"

This was Gino's first time in the snow. I think he enjoyed it!

"Goddamn new humans seem to forget that
I am really low to the ground!
I'm freezing my nipples off in this snow!"

We did have one embarrassing Pug moment. Everyone else made it across this small stream just fine by either swimming across the steam or crossing on the logs, but Gino refused to cross it using either method. Ryan had to carry him across it. Gino is still trying to recover from this ego-shattering event.

Feeling his ego badly damaged, Gino did what he does best: bossed Bruno around...

"Get your huge butt up here now!"

"Come on you tub of lard! Hussle!"

"Lord's sake! Will you make it up here
before the sun sets?!"

"Seriously. If you're going to come hiking with me,
you need to move at a faster pace!"

"Move it! Move it!"

And I digress for a second:

Hey, Ryan? Remember when you fell coming down the hill? Yup, I caught that on camera. Remember when I asked you to please stop pelleting me with snow balls and you didn't comply? Well, here's your punishment!


End of digression.

Vinnie morphed into a little monkey. A Capuchin Snow Monkey to be exact.

"I am not a monkey. I don't even like bananas."

p.s. Those vests that the Pugs are wearing are not, contrary to what you may think, bulletproof vests. They are a type of harness made by Puppia.

Vinnie decided that being compared to a monkey was the utmost insult, so he demanded that we head back home after I made that comment. I was more than willing to comply because my toes were starting to feel like boney icicles!

And so ended our adventure!
No cannibalism even!
Ha ha!

Apr 8, 2008


My dog is a dweeb.

Here, he looks normal.

But...take him to the river and he morphs into Jim Carey. His otherwise normal face transforms into yards of jowls flapping in the wind.

He also defies gravity! Newton ain't got nothing on Bruno! F = GMm/R² can just stick it where the sun don't shine!

If he could, he'd also let out deafening screams in frustration à la Howard Dean. He gets frustrated quickly whenever Ryan doesn't throw an object quick enough.

But thankfully, he can only bark.

My dog's a dweeb. But I love him none the same.

Apr 6, 2008

Pugs Are Crunchy and Taste Good with Ketchup

Today we went to river and there was a Pug eating beast leaping out of the waters!

Run for your life Gino! RUN!

Gino, seriously, get the hell out of there
before you become lunch!

Ha ha! Fooled you guys!
It's really me, Bruno. I had you fooled, huh?


When a Pug is in a very relaxed state, his normally tight, curly tail uncurls.


Further proof!

Thank you for attention. You may now continue with your regularly scheduled programming.

p.s. The Dogfathers went on an outing recently with their cousins! Make sure to go check out their adventure at Bison's blog...click here!
A day in the life of Bison: In paradise with my cousins

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