Apr 6, 2008


When a Pug is in a very relaxed state, his normally tight, curly tail uncurls.


Further proof!

Thank you for attention. You may now continue with your regularly scheduled programming.

p.s. The Dogfathers went on an outing recently with their cousins! Make sure to go check out their adventure at Bison's blog...click here!
A day in the life of Bison: In paradise with my cousins


  1. Hahaha :) Good to know.
    It's always entertaining watching Bruno and the pugs. The log experience was none other than I have seen before except in your blog posts through pictures. So much cooler to experience Bruno's antics in person (sorry for those of you who don't have the opportunity.) Yes, we must do it again :)

  2. I remember that very first picture of his tail all uncurled that I sent you! It's amazing how long it really is!

  3. Damn, Ryan all on his back, snow-owned. Bruno's a beast, so powerful lookin.
    Ron Williams


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