Mar 30, 2008

I'm a Groupie!!

I have found the all time best stress reliever...being in a band! A virtual Rock Band that is!

I purchased Rock Band this week in order to burn off some steam with Ryan. This game is highly addictive! You have been warned! Ryan is doing pretty well on playing the guitar and I am the lead singer. I tried playing the drums for a while but they are actually pretty hard!

So I called it quits and instead try to belt out them high notes without shattering our dual pane windows. :) As of now, The American Pugsters are on a world tour trying to collect fans. Yup, that's our band name: The American Pugsters.

Sometimes, when we play a punk rock song, the Pugs start a mosh pit. It's quite comical!

Since we are on a world tour, we have a few staff members.

Gino is our Manager.

He gets us our gigs and also reminds the crowd to check out our next shows.

Vinnie is our Roadie.

He makes sure our equipment is working and before every show gives it his blessing: a pug sneeze. He takes his job very seriously.

Bruno is our Bouncer.

Come on...wasn't this a no-brainier?! Would you want to get a little too crazy at our show only to have to mess with this wall of muscles later? We thought so!

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