Mar 23, 2008

Family Ties

"I"m bored," says Bruno.

"Me too," says Gino.

"Me three," says Vinnie.

Sensing the boys were bored, Cousin Bison and Cousin Lindsay came over for some playtime...

"Let's play!" exclaims Bison

"I can't hear a word you're saying
because I'm deaf!" says Lindsay

"I love it when Bison and Lindsay come over," says Bruno

"Bison helps me gang up on the Pugs..."

"We wrassle..."

"I bite his face off..."

"He bites mine off..."

"Bison also makes a nice head rest
for my huge, ginormous head."

The Pugs don't wrassle. They are too busy making sure no one gets out of line or has too much fun. They make Bison take mandatory Time-Outs.

Glad you stopped by cousin Bison!

1 comment:

  1. Auntie Mary,

    We had a blast at your house, thank you for inviting us to play with our cousins. I especially found it entertaining to see Bruno play with his tire. We should have play date's more often. :)

    ~Mr. Bison


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