Mar 24, 2008

And we weep...

Today we learned that Ryan's grandfather passed away. We mourn his loss and reflect on how precious life is during this moment of grief. The entire family is back home right now and I will join them soon for the funeral. Today I stopped by to visit The Canine Mafia's cousins to let them stretch their little legs and feed them dinner, as their Mom and Dad went back home today to spend time with the family during this time of loss.

Linus greeted me at the door. He wanted to know if I had brought his ahi tuna for dinner.

"I hope you purchased sushi-grade tuna."

"What?! You have no tuna?"

"I have claws you know.
Perhaps you might want to rethink
this 'No tuna' statement."

Lindsay just wanted to know when I was going to use my thumbs to open her container of food.

"Is dinner ready yet?
Is it ready yet?
How about now?
Is it ready yet?"

Bison was really sad that Bruno did not accompany me.

"But...but...Bruno always visits me!"

"Maybe if I wish hard enough, Bruno will appear!"

Bella had a few choice words about Bison's wish...

"Tell me there's not another dog coming here!"

I told her she could have whatever she wished. She is illegally cute.

"I know. It really is hard to be this good looking."

She's even cuter when she decides to perch underneath plants.

"When you turn around, I shall proceed
to destroy the leaves on this baby!"

Please, everyone, give your furkids and your loved ones a big hug today. Let them know that you love them and cherish every waking moment with them.

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, but love leaves a memory no one can steal.

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