Mar 23, 2008

Procrastination: I'll find a title for this later...

Well folks, it's not for my lack of trying, but this post shall unfortunately not be an Easter post. I had a grandiose plan for an Easter photo shoot, but unlike Jesus, who is risen, this idea must stay locked in the tomb that is my head until next year.

"He is risen!"

Trust me, it was hard for me to give up. I searched high and low for the props I would need. Half the stores were closed and the few that were open did not have what I needed. Although I was tempted to buy just a few props and create a half-assed attempt at an Easter photo shoot, I couldn't bring myself to do it. Dammit, if I'm going to humiliate The Canine Mafia by dressing them up in Easter props then I'm going do it right!

"Phew! We just narrowly escaped internet humiliation!"

This serves me right anyway. This is glorious procrastination taking a nice, big bite out of my hiney. I deserve it.

So can I make it up to you by instead giving you a recap of The Canine Mafia's week?

First they went to a peep show...

Oops, wait no, they didn't! They aren't allowed to do that! We haven't really been out anywhere lately, but now that the weather is nicer the outings will resurrect!

The month of March is a very important month for The Canine Mafia. March 15th is the day little Gino (or Guiness as Alicia named him at that time) walked into my life.

"So what do you have to offer me?"

This was the first picture I ever saw of Gino and I immediately exclaimed "He's mine!!"
"I ranned away from home."

Alicia found him wandering a nearby park and Gino was only wearing a collar that was way too small for him. No tags. :( Alicia put up a notice at the shelter, took him home and waited the 30 days for his owners to claim him. No one ever did.

His little black mug tugged at my heart strings and I knew he had to come live with us. Being that I have the most wonderful husband on Earth (I have two on Mars and one on Jupiter that could give Ryan a run for his money), Ryan agreed that this little black gorilla needed to come live with us.

Alicia showed me pictures of him doing laundry! A black Pug that can do laundry...Ryan was sold!!

"Would you like these shirts starched?"

So after a quick berry removal surgery (which resulted in my having a near heart attack! Gino was apparently very allergic to the anesthesia used), Alicia and I met halfway for a Pug drop off.

Bruno was at first less than happy.

"He's not staying permanently, right?"

But now they seem to have an understanding. Mondays through Fridays only.

Gino packs a lot of attitude in a small package and we could never imagine life without him now. He is a clown and fierce little warrior all in one body. We made his Gotcha Day of May 6th as his birthday. And, as you may know, we celebrate birthdays here to the tenth power! So stay tuned for Gino's birthday celebration!

Speaking of toys...

Bruno's apparently taken very keenly to a Day-Glo ball. Come on children of the 80's! I know you remember Day-Glo fondly!!

This is Bruno's newest best friend. He goes everywhere with it.

He talks sweet nothings to it...

And he even naps with it...

There's nothing very special about this photo except that I captured Bruno's frustrated look accidentally. This is the face he makes when the Day-Glo ball goes a little too far for his comfort. The ball must be within biting distances at all times!

Oh yes! How could I forget!

We have a new addition to The Canine Mafiosos!

The Canine Mafia utters quite frequently the phrase "You're going to sleep with the fishes!" to various offenders. Lately, it's been uttered to the neighboring Corgi who likes to bark at them through the fence.

Seeing as how not having any actual fish to sleep with might lessen the threat, The Canine Mafia begged for Ryan and I to get them a fish. A really LARGE fish.

We present to you Anchovia. Anchovia is Red Devil and she lives alone...exactly how she likes it. And she's eagerly awaiting her first customer wearing cement shoes. You've been warned!

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  1. I have been neglecting blog land...I have so much to catch up on! So sorry to hear about Ryan's Grandpa. I'm glad you got some quality time with his family.

    I love the Gino post!! It makes me happy to see how far he's come in a year. He looks and acts like a completely different dog! It's hard to believe that he's the same dog that stormed into my apartment and lifted his leg on everything to begin with! That didn't last long! He's always been such a character, swimming, running, snorting....I still love him!!


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